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    I think that by casting PUMA into the role of The Enemy you're giving them too much attention and far too much importance.

    MyDD would be a much nice place if everyone just ignore the PUMAs. What do you expect to do about them anyway, except provide free publicity?

    Put your energy into undermining McCain where it might do some good. The PUMAs aren't going to change. Just let it go.

  • So, wait, let me get this straight: you won't contribute to a democratic cause unless the mods give in to your blackmail by getting rid of the people you've listed?

    Who died and made you Joe McCarthy?

    I'm having a hard time believing you're actually a Democrat. Or even old enough to vote.

  • on a comment on Why the BS Has GOT to Stop over 6 years ago

    LOL. Video?

    Really, you shouldn't be riding the judgment pony. Nothing Clinton did or didn't do compares to Obama's failing to disassociate himself from the Black Liberation Theorists well before he began his run for President.  Did he REALLY think it wouldn't be noticed and used? I think that was the most foolish political move I've seen, EVER.  It single-handedly derailed his plan to run as the post-racial candidate. I still can't figure out what he was thinking. Even HE knew it was a bad association, and he still went ahead with it.

    What judgment did Hillary Clinton make that you are so critical of?


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