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    I'd really like to know which ham sandwich disguised as an "advisor" came up with a count that includes Smilin Joe as a 60th vote on anythiing of importance to be passed in the Senate. Olympia Snowe will line up on a cloture vote in many more scenarios than Lieberman. "60" is a fake number of Democrats. I'd take 51 Democrats with spines, but apparently we only have 11 of those...

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    Well done Sarah! And well done Senator Merkley

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    I hope that these gains in youth voting make it harder for the Viagra-sponsored MSM to continue spreading the lie that only seniors reliably show up to vote. But, we'll probably have to wit until after Obama's landslide victory to pound that coffin nail.

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    I hope we see Novick run for office again. He won Multnomah County voters hearts, just didn't catch fire enough with the suburban and rural voters. Hats off to Merkeley- we had 2 good progressives in the race. I'd love to see Novick in Earl Blumenaur's seat after Earl is ready to come back home...

  • I expect rural Oregon will follow both Idaho and Washington with respect to endorsing Obama. Obama has won the media narrative during this crucial time when Oregon voters hold ballots in hand.

    From Hawaii, to Alaska, to Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, etc, etc. Senator Obama is inspiring people. I say this as a former Edwards supporter- we have been blessed as Democrats with a very strong field of candidates in this primary... It's time to rally behind the presumptive nominee.

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    If the HRC campaign can now only fall back on an analysis that claims results are due to black voters loyal to Obama... I am friggin tired of hearing that.

    PS- every white woman in Oregon I know is voting for Obama... All of them. And I have been careful in conversations not to assume people are Obama supporters, but these fine Democratic women voters in Oregon are PROUD to be supporting Obama. The War is a bigger deal to them than supporting the wife of our former president who brought us NAFTA. I'd love to know what HRC internals are for Oregon. Care to venture a guess on that?

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    The 20th century DLC style 6 state strategy of Terry McCauliffe and Mark Penn is NOT going to build the Democratic Party anywhere close to what an Obama campaign will do. I just don't buy your analysis AT ALL. Obama has weathered the storms and his negatives among the general electorate are not where HRC's are. HRC can't even raise enough money to keep the lights on without loaning her campaign a ton of dough.

    Each candidate has relative strengths as far as delivering certain blocks of voters, but I can't see New York voters picking McCain over Obama... Obama will be able to nab most of states where Clinton is strong... he doesn't need Arkansas to get to 270....

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    Full disclosure- Oregon voter- Former Edwards supporter until he conceded. I lean strongly towards Obama.... Hillary comes across strong in this interview. I do think she misses opportunity to bring up Pastor Hagee and his ties to John McCain. But, the preference to go along with attacks on Obama re Wright rather than taking on McCain is my biggest disappointment with the Clinton campaign. I wish I felt an unwavering commitment from HRC and all you Clinton supporters (as I have myself) to beat John McCain regardless of the Democratic nominee.

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    who divorced his old lady and remarried Cindy within a month. Yeah Johnny McCheese is gonna be a favorite with the women...

    While I will be first to admit their is too much off putting rhetoric from Obama supporters (Cafe Press I hate your damn "Bros before Hos" shirts). Senator Obama himself is a candidate that will win over women voters of all stripes.  

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    I love reading Carter's books. He and Rosalyn are a gift to the world. We would be in such a better position in the world if we had more leadership like  Carter and we did not suffer 20 tears of Reagan and Bushes. Carter had foresight to put solar panels on the Whitehouse. Maybe we would be leading Germany with solar power instead of being helplessly dependent on Mideast oil and stuck in an unwinnable civil war.

  • Economics? McTemper doesn"t hold a candle to Obama on understanding of economics... I am not worried about that one at all.

    Fighting for unpopular positions? Obama didn't wait holding his finger in the wind when he criticized the Iraq War.

    Obama presidency will be a major league show, unlike the 8 years of Bush league leadership... Obama will be able to accomplish much more than the "My Pet Goat" administration.

    The biggest problem is that Bushco have made such a mess of things it will take a huge effort to clean up the mess.

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    Clinton couldn't get Mark Penn far enough out of the room to regain some decency in her campaign? It is beyond grossly irresponsible to attack Obama when he is the more likley Democratic Nominee. Does Hillary heart McCain so much that she will knife Obama on her way down? Seriously, encourage her to bow out with class and work on rising in the Senate leadership. The best she can do at this point is be a spoiler. She has no realistic shot at the nomination.

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    JRE was first in his family to go to college. Raised in very small rural house, put $11 wedding band on Elizabeth's finger on their wedding day. Yes he worked hard and did very well as a lawyer, but his commitment is deep. He has given blood, sweat and tears in New Orleans post-Katrina. Well before that he and Elizabeth have done much to fight poverty. The Wade Edwards Foundation started after the death of their oldest child does meaningful work in the public schools. I greatly appreciate the Edwards' hands-on work with ACORN and travels (not tourism) in Africa to connect with people there and better understand that continent. Get beyond the right-wing haters and see the candidate most feared by the neocons because JRE is the real deal and he could draw votes from Evangelicals who might finally decide that a Democrat with integrity and leadership skills would better serve the country than some Abramoff cigar-smoking, thrice married asshole estranged from his own children.

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    I want them to be on same ticket with Edwards at the helm. Don't count out an Edwards boost from early success in the first primaries. These national polls are helpful to prop up HRC for now, but there is only so high she can go with her strong negatives.

    It probably goes without saying that most Edwards or Obama supporters would do well to fall in line with whichever of the candidates comes strongest out of the gates in the early primaries, or watch as they compete for same votes only to HRC's advantage.

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    Age 36
    Portland, OR
    Education: Verde Vslley School HS, Ohio State BA, Lewis & Clark JD
    Occupation: Attorney
    First Comment- last week

    P.S. Great to see Jerome  & Markos in Portland today. Typing a liitle slow after festivities at Lucky Lab


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