Quick piece on the McCain project

Chris Bowers did another update on the SEO that is all the rage

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Updated: SUSA, KSTP and what is really going on in MN (Obama is still a Rock-Star)

Okay so SUSA (the 'gold' standard of polling) released some polls done in MN.  I took a study break to take a gander at the cross tabs and I say that SUSA is ignorant about what is going on in MN.  I found it funny that KSTP was the main sponsor of this poll as all MN people know that they have a republican bias and the polls show something weird going on.

The results were For the Presidental Race: Obama 47-McCain 46.
For the Senate Race: Coleman 52-Franken 40.
The team at MNpublius agrees that these polls don't pass the smell test President and Senate

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On Hillary's Future in the party

(This is cross-posted at The Symposium and Clintonistas For Obama

(I wrote the bulk of this on June 10th and added some revisions during a Study Break)

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Obama is a rock star, Ras puts him up 1 in VA

From Rasmussen Reports:

Obama 45 McCain 44.

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This is too cool not to share *UPDATED*

I am too impressed with the awesomeness of this not to share it, that is why I am posting, this tool is really totally awesome.  This is cross-posted here and it is where I'll be for discussion.

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Well my friends it was good to meet you all, we'll meet again someday

I feel that my toxicity from last night has  made it impossible for me to continue to me a contributor to this site.  I stepped so far over the line that in a sense I am banning my self.  Maybe some day I will return life is kind of funny in that you don't know what will happen.

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MN Senate Race Very close, Ventura=Bad

So I was reading my favorite MN blog and I saw that the MN Senate race is with in 3 points 48-45.  This is despite Al getting bad press for over a month.

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Update on McCain project

(cross posted from the Symposium)

I've been updating the results of Bowers project to keep people in the know:  Check out the Symposium to see when this was done.

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I went over to dailyKOS and I saw this ad:

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Wisconsin? More like Obamonsin Obama up 13!

A hat tip to Kossack Our Past for the diary, give that person proper kudos here:
http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/6/12/ 13953/7998/484/534460

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