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    What did we talk about yesterday, DJ?  Vote for McCain, bro....

  • Dude ... please PLEASE vote for McCain in November.  I have been reading your threats for months now, follow through.  You are a  REPUKE in DEM clothing ...

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    Brutal?  I say any other candidate would have been BRUTALLY forced out after losing 11 contests in a row ... I think she has gotten a pass because of her background and last name.  
    Please point to the blatant sexism you have seen in the media, with examples.  
    I can also make an argument Obama is MUCH more feminist in his governing style than Hillary - more collaberative, more inclusive.  It seems folks are more concerned about electing gender, versus a candidate who represents feminism in a brighter light.
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    Ferraro?  Are you kidding me?  Cmon - you need to stop wanting it both ways ... thank God this is over next week.  

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    One of the more underreported aspects of this campaign is Clinton's failure to pass health care in 1994, and WJC's subsequent congressional blow out.   Her plan was arrogant and short sighted, certainly did not build the type of coalition needed to make it law.  We are expected to take her on her word she will be able to pass health care now ... when in fact, she hasnt proven she can build the necessary bridges needed to create a single payer plan.  
    I agree with AnnMarie on this ... 18m+ people voted for Obama, I am tired of having to continue to stick up for him in so-called progressive blogs like this.  You claim to want change in DC ... or universal health care, whatever the hell that is ... well, mourn over the CLinton lost, then reengage ... we will need come November.
  • I feel for you, I really do.  But - if you think we are going to get mandates without a fillibuster-proof majority in the House AND Senate, then yep - you should write in Hils come November ... because it is not going to pass in law even with MOD REPUBs ..,

  • Go post on RedState ... we have an election to win in November.  Sorry, your dead weight.  Your comments have no place on a liberal and progressive blog.

  • As I think 2000 was McCain's year, 2004 was Hillary's ... she should not have waited.  Obama would have run in 2012 ...

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    Rec'ed, thanks -  Lombard - for the honest assessment.  
    On caucuses - they are cheaper to manage and run, allows states to budget lower.   Maybe we move to a mail-in system like OR?
    While I agree caucus voter represents only a sliver of the state electorate, we should credit Obama's faithful on getting the party loyalists to his favor.  
    I do like both candidates ... personally, I dont like the word 'blame' because in infrers 'fault'.  It was a historic campaign ... but one candidate was going to lose ...
    If there is fault, I agree, it lies with her campaign's tactical execution between Super Tuesday and OH/TX.  He made the vote difference in those 11 contests ...
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    Hell, I would rather give a chair to a Susan Collins or a Arlen Specter over that ass clown ... I have hit my limit with smarmy Joe Lieberman.  

  • How do you know that, bro?  We have work to do sure, but it IS May, man.  Remember, Hillary was the favorite all of 5 months ago ... a week is a lifetime in politics.  
    Gallup - he is down 1 in FL, 1 in OH ... and he has until NOV to manage minds and hearts ... he will be fine.  

    And - if you are a true progressive, you are committed to bending backwards in getting Obama elected ... right!!?!?  He can certainly use the help in our homestate of CO.  

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    Well Jerome, it looks like we have a lot of work to do to get him nominated, don't we?
    Jeez ...
  • Rec'ed ...
    Brilliant - much needed ....
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    Are you kidding me?  She was the presumptive nominee until IA ... she has had nothing BUT the benefit of the doubt ...
    People need to quit drinking the kool aid ...
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    Milk just came out my nose <GULP>
    Let me quote, ... the most DIVISIVE figure Ive seen in my 60 years on this planet?!?!  That is a bit over the top, dont you think?  I can name a few ... Nixon, W ... Darth Maul?!?!  
    CMON ... November is too important to continue getting caught up in the HC's cult of personality and over-the-top hyperbole.  Regardless if you dont like the candidate, please support the DEM party and help get your PARTY back in the WH.  Or - go blog somewhere else, we have work to do.  
    She lost.  Valiant fight within a flawed system, but she came up a bit short.  There is nothing wrong with that.  


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