RNC Spent $1,000,000 Sending-Out Phony Registration Cards to Swing State Dems

Well, folks, it looks like the RNC people have all been a good students of Karl Rove shennanigans...

I spoke to my local Obama/Democratic headquarters today, and they told me the RNC spent a million dollars sending-out phony voter registration cards with a fake return address telling all Democrats (in the swing states who were not registered yet), that all they needed to do was fill-out the form in order to be registered by election day. Of course, in filthy Rove fashion, the mail-in address was not to their actual local voter registration centers! It was just a phony made-up address.

I guess people "got wind" of the trick when the actual voter registration centers told people that they never received any -- not one -- since the return address was fake.

Man, the word has to get out to those swing state Dems, or the filthy RNC is going to steal yet another Presidential Election! Amazing! Truly.

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Re: RNC Spent $1,000,000 Sending-Out Phony Registr

where's your proof, citation? i wouldn't pass anyone but i need to see someone else talking about it - not just you. don't take it personal.

by comingawakening 2008-09-26 06:08AM | 0 recs


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