To Hillary Supporters

WE were right all along. Hillary voted nay for the cloture and nay for the final bill. Obama voted yes for them. We have to remember 6 months ago that it was Hillary Clinton who supported Dodd in filibustering first before Obama decided to do his part.

So take that to all Obama supporters who thinks Obama is more progressive than Hillary. Now to highlight what our progressive movement have lost:-

  1. 4th Amendment - FISA
  2. Gun control - DC Handgun ban
  3. Death Penalty - For child rapist
  4. Pro-Choice - Late term abortion (Mental health problems)
  5. Universal Healthcare - Obama ran against Hillary's UHC plan

My question to everyone, where is the line? When will be hold Obama accountable? If we don't do it this season, we will never have a chance. I don't think anyone wants a repeat of Kennedy-Carter fiasco which cost us to lose to Reagan. So now is the only chance we got to ask Obama what are we to him. Are we his progressive base or are we his 21st century Hollywood fundraising club?

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Obama and our progressive movement

I've always been a harsh critic of Obama since the primary season started as the evidence is on the record from time to time that Obama is neither a progressive nor embrace progressive values. I met many who said that Obama's movement represents hope and that change is needed in government and that Obama is different. In fact many has said that Obama is the most progressive candidate ever run for office. All this BS. As it proves now after sealing the nomination, Obama has shown what me and many on the Clinton side knew all along, his so called 'progressiveness'.

From time to time, everyone was saying that Hillary is calculative, racist, draconian and such but guess what, all those values that many dreaded has been inherited and shown by Obama himself. But yet i don't understand why many still say that we should support him and send him a blank check. Isn't this the same as trusting Haliburton, KBR or Walmart to do the right thing? I was willing to give Obama a chance for him to show me that I was wrong and I was just too personally attach to the Clintons. All that i am seeing from Obama right now is just full of flip flopping, betraying our movement's trust. Look at this post from Openleft and it seems like our job is just to suck it up and support Obama blindly. ryId=6639

It looks like our netroot movement is just another typical Hollywood movement. Our job is just to donate and raise funds blindly. It's because we do not have a choice. I thought 'yes we can' is suppose to transcend politics or at least be new politics. This year is our year and many has told me that Obama represents and is able to deliver real change. Is this true?

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Popular vote count do hold merit

Certainly popular vote holds merit. It is intended for the superdelegates. Remember in January when the Obama people said the supers should follow the will of the voters. Well it is time to stick to the word. We have to remember that Obama cannot win the nomination without the supers. So it's all fair game. Forcing the supers to pick Obama is undemocratic and will make this election cycle illegitimate.

As for counting the popular votes, we should just follow what the state decides. If we want to consider things like caucus, open primaries, closed primaries for the popular vote, then why not do the same for the pledge delegates where we take the primaries rather than the caucus results (for those states that held both). If we want to be fair, we have to be truly fair and not be fair to one candidate and unfair to another. This will not bring about unity as dedicated supporters of the that candidate will feel disfranchised and cheated. Remember that millions of people dedicated so much of their time and money investing on their candidates. The investment and time by the people is unprecedented and therefore very unique. Assuming that the party will come together once we get a nominee without resolving the problems is a fairy tale. Never once in our nation's history have we had a primary like this.

In this case, Hillary decided to give up on the caucus states and that's for her to lose. She made a strategic blunder and it's no one's fault but hers. This goes with Obama as well. Obama decided to team up with Edwards and Bill Richardson to pull their names out of Michigan. Out of 8 candidates, 4 pulled their names out. These 3 candidates did distribute fliers and such asking the voters to vote uncommitted. Dennis Kucinich even campaigned in Michigan. So it is their strategic blunder and therefore should not have gotten any popular vote. As painful as this might sound, we have to be fair. The RBC made an unprecedented precedence by allocating delegates to Obama even though he was not on the ballot and they awarded him more than he should have received. The RBC's job is to adjudicate instead of playing politics. They failed in their job and with this hundreds of thousands of Hillary supporters had felt the nomination stolen for her. Rules are rules. If the DNC decided to cherry pick rules, then we had become the entity which he pledge to get rid off and is no difference than the Republican party.

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My Logic

If granting Clinton additional 25 to 50 delegates will not make a difference to Obama but yet can make Florida and Michigan count, why not proceed with it? Why attempt to disenfranchise voters? What this circus did was ensuring a prolong hatred among the supporters. This is one of the best chance given to unite us from both sides but instead threw us, on the losing side, over the cliff. Harold Ickes said it right, this will certainly not unite us. He made an extremely heartfelt closing statement and i guess we shall fight the nomination in Denver.

(1)If your argument is base on the 'rules' then lets make judgments based on those rules. Else, by trying to invoke the rules at your own discretion is just mocking us.

(2) Regardless of whether Clinton  supported counting the votes of Michigan and Florida early this year does not mean that voters should be disenfranchised. It is clearly the case that 2.3 million people who voted had their votes not counted.

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10 reasons why it's difficult to depart from Clinton's camp

10) We don't steal lawn signs

9) Change and Hope is old

8) We have perfected the art of maneuvering...... without needing rests

7) By having gay supporters doesn't mean that HE is with US

6) You may find HER 'likable enough' but we ADORE her very much

5) Voting should not take longer than driving to vote

4) We are physically challenged to caucus

3) We were once the creative class and we gladly welcome you to join us in the near future

2) We don't spit at those who disagree with us, and we strongly condemn interracial spitting

1) Tell me what's wrong with the picture below: 3/2522830896/?edited=1

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Popular votes matter - My rant of the day

I'm just reposting my 2 comments that i made today. I believe these are enough to express my views.

(1)Till Obama officially received the nomination, I'll do my best for Clinton. And when that happens, then i'll do my best for Obama. As for now, the nomination is still going on. Tell me what do you think the narrative will be if 2 mil people showed up in Puerto Rico and Clinton won by 15 points? This will mean that Clinton will officially lead the popular vote regardless whether Michigan is in or not. And i would like to know by then how the Obama campaign will respond. Would they cry foul, take it like a man or try to push Clinton out of the race once more?

This nation is 9 trillion in debt, in 2 wars, manufacturing jobs are moving away, our education is  in bad shape, healthcare cost is escalating and i could go on more and more about the challenges facing the next president. So till Obama clinches the nomination, i'll still contribute and work my max for Clinton and hope that she would bring it all the way to the convention for the sake of this nation.

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The Clintons are humans too

Somehow, everyone is expecting the Clintons to be perfect but the fact is that they are not. Hillary is a very intelligent woman and judging by the hate that she has received and all that she has to endure this primary season, it's no doubt that she will make mistakes once in a while. Isn't this sad, many expects Hillary to be perfect, but yet they refuse to vote for her, or some even try the best to demonize her.

The only outcome i see from this is that unity is becoming impossible. The unity is shifting apart. And no doubt the blame will always be on Hillary and her supporters. That's what happen when you have unfair media with the Obamabots encouraging the hate.

Our mission is to elect democrats into office, and by democrats i meant progressive democrats. First we gave up universal healthcare with many from the left now says it's impossible or that it was a conspiracy for the Clintons to fight for it when they know it will fail. Then taxing the oil companies became evil and impossible, just because McCain agreed to half the plan but somehow it became the same policy as Hillary. I might add that for once i see Hillary/McCain and Obama/Bush on the same side of an issue. Gay rights has also become obsolete because well, we are just not progressive enough to even understand the issues. I  can still remember Obama refusing to take a picture with Mayor Gavin Newson of San Francisco over the gay marriage issue. Well i guess equal rights are just for those who already have them.  

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When pundits decide

I'm writing this in response to this article in C&L when-pundits-decide#more-29028 . The theme of the article is interesting as it highlights the media's role in silencing Hillary and how this anger is hurting Obama's candidancy.

A little too late for C&L to highlight the media hatefeast towards Clinton, while having the bloggersphere and some members from the Obama camp fueling the hate. What one don't understand is the difference in the supporters of hillary in contrast to Obama. Working class folks who have lower incomes, those without college degrees and the old folks are her voters. Their priorities are not about what will happen to this country in a year or two. In fact their priorities are how they would live day to day, week to week, month to month while hoping for a brigher future. So these people, who voted for Republicans more times than Democrats to unite once we got our nominee is a fairytale. Their votes got to be earned and true enough they are bitter towards the media. I have no doubt about that as it also reflects their life- opportunities being passed away for someone new and fresh, the sexism and racism, and many more. How Hillary is being treated by the media is a reflection of how they live most of their lives.

And things got worst when the Obama camp decided to fuel this hate for strategic purposes - the fairy tale, the racism, the divisiveness, bosnia, universal healthcare etc and more importantly disecting Bill's presidency in such a way that republicans now felt that Bill has done better for them than half of the democrats. I understand that it's a campaign strategy but once you decided to play with fire, don't cry foul when things don't go your way at the end. I've spoken with so many of these Clinton coresupporters who said that the unfair treatment that Clinton received fueled by the tactics of the Obama camp, is the core reason why they will not vote for Obama in November. Flame me all you want with this statement, but i'm speaking the truth. And this is why i strongly believe that with Obama at the top of the ticket, Pennslyvania and Florida will be lost. As for me, i will certainly campaign for Obama if he is our nominee but only at a condition - Donna Brazille will have to make an apology to the Clintons, quit her position and don't speak for the press for at least a year. What better way to heal the party and bridge unity by showing those from the Clinton's side that we treat everyone fairly - even the ones from the opposite side.

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A vote for McCain is NOT a vote against Hillary Clinton

For your information the race is still going on and the fight is now with the superdelegates. So if we, the Clinton supporters, do intend to want Hillary to be our nominee, we should advocate the superdelegates to vote for Clinton rather than Obama. Hillary needs our support now more than ever and we should show her that support.

You have to remember that it's the obama's camp which said that the blacks will riot and the Obamabots will vote for McCain or not vote if the superdelegates chose Clinton instead. You have to remember that it was the Obama camp which paint the Clintons as racist while dismantling the legacy of Bill. You also have to remember that the Obama camp spent more on negative campaigning than Hillary does. So don't talk to us about who's the one being bitter. And not to say that the 50 state strategy is now 47 states.

TaylorMarsh and Co is different than DailyKos. DailyKos was our left trademark and it exacts real influence. Not to say that the Obama's surrogates had from time to time appear on the news and bombard Clinton, accusing her for the things which the Obama's camp were doing. I still remember Donna Brazille stating that "Latinos and Working Class people does not matter". Only blacks matter.

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