Will the Real Enthusiasm Gap-Please Stand Up!



With the mid-term elections just around the corner, Republican poll numbers are cresting, as Democrats are making their way back to their ideological home.

With the DNC raising a record 16 million in September, it is very clear that the Democratic Pary is alive and well and the voters are gearing up for the November election. 

According to The Fix, “The Democratic National Committee raised $16 million in September alone, a startlingly strong month of fundraising that party operatives insist is a sign of momentum for their side with roughly one month remaining before the November midterms.”

The DNC record haul was not only their best month of 2010, but also their best year since 2002. What is even more encouraging for Democrats is that 80% of the record total came from the Internet and direct mailings, not fundraisers featuring wealthy individual donors.

On the GOP side, the RNC has not, and probably will not release their fundraising numbers. Michael Steele has crushed all Republican confidence in the organization, and the RNC has been struggling to raise money since he became chairman. The RNC and Republican organizers such as Karl Rove, have been relying on outside groups such as the Koch brothers to fund their slate of candidates around the country. It is becoming apparanet that big time money will not guarantee an election victory, as Republicans were betting on after recruiting a handful of wealthy contributers.

The media loves to drum up expectations of the election results,even before the voters cast their votes. They use generic poll questions to measure voter enthusiasm, and then use the unreliable results of their pretenious poll, to predict in their words the beginning of a "Republican Tsunami".  However, as Democrats wake up from their Summer slumber and begin to focurs on the election and determine what's at stake in the midterms, voter apathy is being replaced by voter enthusiam. The tidal wave of the GOP, may yet become a myth as the election draws near.

It isn’t a coincidence that as President Obama has hit the road and started to campaign for Democrats and define the message of the 2010 election, Democratic voters are engaging. They are beginning to understand and realize that a Republican 'Tea Party' takeover is not an alternative that the country can afford to make . Contrary to the media narrative, Democrats are far from dead. In fact they may not only survive, but retain their majorities in what was supposed to be the so called year of the Republican.






Is the Voter Enthusiasm Gap For Real?

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