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    ...the inclusion of "that individuals could purchase if they can't afford private plans" is a push to a favorable response. It's a positive rationale that's hard to disagree with. Had the poll asked about a federal health insurance plan that "would have government bureaucrats managing health care payments" we'd clearly see that as a push to a negative response.

    Also. "Federal" health insurance plan is not quite the same as "government run."  While they technically mean the same thing, lower information respondents may not clearly understand that.

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    Re: How to apply the lesson to this election

    I'd like to see a coordinated effort to catch and publicize every lie and misstatement McCain makes -- and contrast them with his claim of giving 'straight talk my friends.' DFH blogs are on the case, but to be effective it must be multi-pronged, with the candidate, surrogates, paid media all pushing the 'straight talk vs. lies/misstatements' contrast meme etc. into the election dialog.

    There are new examples every day.  Wednesday, standing in front of a huge banner that said "Straight Talk Town Hall" McCain told an audience member he agree with her suggestion to bring back the draft, which he previously opposed. Now, that's some straight talk my friends...

    Of course, at the moment Obama and his people seem content to allow McCain continued, unfettered use of the Straight Talk brand, so...

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    McCain: "That's an excellent question."


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    "After all, the 69-59 numbers are pretty arbitrary."

    No, actually that was what the Michigan Democratic Party proposed. It may have been a arbitrary choice of the MDP, but it was a concrete proposal before the RBC -- one of only three they had to choose from. The RBC did not make those numbers up out of whole cloth.

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    ...does this prove? Maybe the guy has a bad back and can't sit for long periods of time. Besides, it was his own supporter he was supposedly disrespecting.

    There are plenty of things about Ickes to find detestable. This isn't one of them...

  • Too bad for Clinton that in the clear light of day 238,168 people voted for someone, anyone other than her...

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    Precisely the thought I had when I read that.  Perhaps the new, new Clinton standard is that only her MI/FL delegates must count...

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    And Clinton saying 'Yea, I agree they won't count' to the first in the nation states wasn't pandering?

    I'm sorry, but relying on this "pandering" argument is deep in the Kool-Aid...

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    Ah yes, the "I'm losing after 49 (or 48 1/2) fair fights so let's count the unsanctioned, unfair fight that I pandered to IA/NH wouldn't count, but now reverse myself because I'm behind while calling my opponent cynical" argument...

    Yup, you do have the best it... (rolleyes)

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    You know, if Clinton had taken that position from the outset -- said the DNC is wrong, MI and FL must count etc -- then I might have sympathy for this argument.  But she was against counting them before she was for it...

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    I agree with PDL for a couple of reasons -- 1) At least Obama's name was on the ballot and could receive votes and 2) Although this is a personal subjective conclusion, IMO Clinton probably would've been the favorite and won Florida, though perhaps by a lesser margin, so the delegate allocation is not entirely implausible.

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    Well then, Clinton agreeing before IA and NH that MI wouldn't count and now saying it should count must be a double-reverse, flip-flop cynical pander...

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    "Cynical reasons?"

    The party said it wouldn't count.

    The candidates agreed it wouldn't count.

    Even Clinton agreed it wouldn't count...

    ...until she needs it to win.

    Now, you tell me who has "cynical reasons?"

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    And I 'whole' Clinton responsible for saying she wasn't going to participate in the MI primary, but now want the results counted...

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    If a year ago someone said that Sen. Ben Nelson and MoveOn.org would endorse the same candidate in the primary, how much would you have bet against it?

    With the surprising number of high profile endorsements from across the spectrum for Obama, I think if things are not settled after the primaries there's a pretty good chance the Superdelegates will break toward Obama, not Clinton. Pledged or not, I think Clinton's supposed Superdelegate support may be rather shallow.


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