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    The later returns most likely will come from the part of the district that is in Montgomery County, where Donna is stronger.  

    There haven't been any reports here on Maryland's Comptroller race.  The Comptroller in Maryland is actually a critical, independent office--one of only three statewide elected offices.  After polling at 15 percent about a month ago, the progressive candidate Peter Franchot is leading by 10,000 votes with 93 percent of precincts reported.  In third place is incumbent Comptroller and former governor William Donald Schaefer

  • that the Post is in deep trouble?  With who?

    Come on, it is a great newspaper.  And their multiple daily webchats makes their writers more accessible than any other major newspaper.

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    I agree with some of your points.  A lack of, uh, maturity, has seemed to increase lately.  Some of us have bigger (or smaller?) egos than the rest of us.  I'm not sure where the hate comes from, but it most unpleasant.  And unnecessary.
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    The banned comments were thoughtless.  They lacked reason and logic.  One tirade likened increasing the minimum wage to passing a law banning cancer--suggesting that our power to promote economic justice is as misguided and unreasonable as passing a law to change the laws of nature.

    I'm not interested in an echo chamber.  I'd like thoughtful conversation (which is why I come here versus a few other popular blogs).  But you can't have reasonable conversation with people who are completely unreasonable.

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    There were a few diary posts and comments that  have been taken down since I posted this diary.

    They were disrespectful and irresponsible, making derogatory references to the MyDD blog keepers.  

    Thanks Matt for taking them down, and for taking out the person who was posing as you (I was wondering why my response to his/her comment wouldn't post).

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    Please explain how anonymity is or can be an advantage here?

    I'm not seeing it.

    Thanks Matt and Chris for requesting this change--and for asking for a short bio with the profile.    

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    A week or so ago there was a post about potential changes to MyDD.  Someone suggested an "unrecommend" choice, so users could express a preference to remove a recommended diary.

    This diary could be exhibit # 1.  What is valuable about this diary such that it warrants "recommended" status?

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    Only 15 of the 33 Senate seats that are up are held by Rs, so to take a majority there would require a major swing among voters.  

    Not that I'm conceding anything, but the real opportunity to take a lasting majority in the Senate is in 2008 when 21 out of the 33 seats that are up are held by Rs.

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    I don't know if it is myth or not, but PR folks often say that the letters to the editor is the most-read section of the newspaper.

    It's easy to post a rant or diary here to be read by a zillion people who mostly share similar views.  But we should also reach outside of the blogosphere.

    Thanks for writing this.

  • "Some are old and could die from the cold..."  

    Isn't that kind of hyperbole a bit over the top?  Transit workers shouldn't be able to join together and demand better pay and conditions because, uh, someone might die.  Yeah, that's the ticket.

    Here's why I support the transit workers:  because I want a raise too.  And decent health care.  And I'd like to retire some day with something more than the President's proposed social security deforms.

    I'm with the workers because I am a worker.

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    The Resistance is one of my top two favorite blogs.  It is a great labor-focused blog written by a smart working stiff who happens to not be fully employed much of the time.

    It's been silent for a couple of weeks.  The author, Mick Arran, logged on today to say that is phone was turned off due to a long duration of part-time work.

    Given the tepid degree of support for the TWU workers in NYC, and the general lack of interest in much of the recent labor news, it is apparent to me that we need more labor-focused blogs, not less.

    Check it out.

    By the way, MyDD keepers:  If pitching someone else's blog like this turns out not to be cool you can take down my comment.  And, thanks for highlighting Digby.

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    That is a problem, but irrelevant to the question of adequate pay for transit workers.  When this contract is negotiated and done, I'll fully support other public servants when their turn comes up at the bargaining table.  

    Otherwise, this is just a race to the bottom of the worst wages, benefits and working conditions.

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    Somehow we have disconnected ourselves from what happens to workers, and the consequences when our brothers and sisters are not able to assert strength in the workplace.

    Screw the transit workers?  Guess who is next.

    Transit workers are us.  Regular folk, providing a vital service, and struggling to pay the bills on what our employer decides to pay us.

    More power to the transit workers for uniting.  It empowers all of us.

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    This blog post would be touching, energizing, inspiring... if it wasn't mostly a campaign ad.  Maybe a special diaries section for politicians would be a good idea.

    At the time that I am posting this, 15 people have recommended this diary--how often does that happen--but this is the first comment on the diary.

    15 recommends but not one comment?  What exactly is it that people are recommending?  Yes, it is a moving message.  Yes, we should have a plan for bringing our troops home.  Yes, we need to hear and read the stories of people who experience the consequences of war first hand.  

    But when there are 15 recommends and no comments I'm inclined to think that our community is being manipulated by a campaign and a small band of committed supporters.  For me, it kind of weakens the message.

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    As long as you're considering changes, any chance that we could figure out how to incorporate more labor news into MyDD?  

    Maybe it isn't a perfect fit here, but the presence of labor and worker issues in the blogosphere is darn light.

    Even for those of us who aren't union members, what happens to workers in one place happens to all of us.  I'd love it if more of the progressive bloggers made this connection.


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