The Fed -- Jekyll Island Monster

© by Stephen Neitzke, 2006

In November 1910, seven wealthy men left the Northeastern US on trains to do some duckhunting on an island off Brunswick, Georgia. They carried all their duckhunting gear in plain sight, so that any snooping reporter could see that they were going duckhunting.  And reporters really snooped in those days.  The Reform Era muckrakers were still at their 1890s-1912 peak, producing exposés that still startled everybody.

On arrival, the duckhunters moved into a posh resort owned by JP Morgan -- on Jekyll Island.

In later years, at least one of the men admitted that he had never shot a duck, and never intended to. Another of the men later punned that the duckhunting was "a blind".

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Direct Democracy Blogging In The Netroots

© by Stephen Neitzke, 2006

Even a short time spent barging around in the blogosphere demonstrates that a DD/rep-govt blogging community is sorely needed here.  We need cross-country organization to help clean up the unconstitutional and arbitrary control of local- and state-level I&R.  Governments constantly perpetrate felony conspiracies against I&R rights and citizen-proposed law in the states.  They get away with those felonies because they are not being watched anywhere near closely enough.  We're just flat not organized enough to do the watching and reacting, let alone the proactive stuff that should have been done decades ago.

The blogosphere gives us -- the DD/rep-govt community -- the best set of organizing and action-item tools available anywhere in our society.

We could do all the needed organizing and consensus-finding in face-to-face meetings, Internet bulletin board communities, and email discussion lists. But we'd still be short, compared to what we can do in the blogosphere.

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CA-50 -- First Netroots Strategy Failure

© by Stephen Neitzke, 2006

CA-50 back to the Repubs.

Playing out the Dem/netroots politics-as-usual strategy, with nothing radical said or done to impinge the good names of the treasonous Republican Party or treasonous Vichy Democrats, is now an established LOSER.

Waving sniff-sniff hankies at Repub "ethics lapses" does not fire up the millions of withdrawn, unregistered voters.  Milquetoast "get the vote out" registration drives only drive the withdrawn further underground.

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Blogosphere & Direct Democracy

© by Stephen Neitzke, 2006

Digby's experience this past weekend in LA, attending his tribal gathering to watch Laughing Liberally, is helping me get right with the blogosphere.  It's giving my blogosphere views some better resolution, some sharper focus.

It's clear now that there are huge, essential accomplishments happening around the snarled-in-place netroots.  It's clear now that the bloggers' dancing faster and faster with the minutia of current political intrigue -- with little or no big-picture time or remedies -- is serving some good purposes.

Gathering a local liberal tribe for face time is a huge and essential part of doing democracy.  It was one of the factors that wagon-camp families noticed in the late 1870s, as they gathered on southern and western plains to organize the National Farmers Alliance to fight "crop-lien" racketeering with co-op economics.  (Lawrence Goodwyn is the guru of those times.)  Those wagon camps helped organize about a million early populists into the beginnings of the Reform Era's corruption fighting.

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SCOTUS Thugs At It Again

Re:  Garcetti v. Ceballos (04-473), Tue 30 May 2006.

  • Removes 1st Amendment rights from, and ensures the arbitrary punishment of, public employees who say or write anything offensive to government hierarchies in their official communications.
  •  Criminalizes dissent.
1st Amendment:  "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, ...".

SCOTUS, however, in its infinite nit-picking for the greater glory of money-power, robustly contends that it is not Congress.  On Tuesday, SCOTUS announced that it can by God abridge the freedom of speech any damned time and any damned way it freaking pleases.

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Spineless Demos -- Redux

There seems to be a consensus in the blogosphere that the election of enough Democrats in November to take back Congress will result in meaningful investigations, which in turn will lead to impeachments and removals.

No need, says the consensus, to talk about impeachments and removals directly -- might turn off too many voters. Instead, we can just trust that the evidence of impeachable crimes is so strong that, once the opposition is in power, the impeachments and removals will automatically spring from "meaningful investigations".

My suggestion that we quickly circulate a standard-form "tough-love pledge" for candidates to sign -- one that specifies the candidate's willingness to actively work for impeachments and removals AND willingness to actively work for a tough, new "Independent Prosecutor" law to cut through the DOJ obstructions of justice and get down to the business of criminal prosecutions, especially for felony rights violations under 18 USC 241 -- gets harshly snuffed by the consensus. Unnecessary, they say. Might turn off too many voters, they say. Might result in the election of too many Independents, they say.

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Throw the rascals out

I'm disaffiliated from political party politics and am an advocate of direct democracy's fully independent, citizen lawmaking (initiative, referendum, and recall). I want to see it mixed with our national representative government to create the true little-r, republican governance pioneered by the ancient Roman Republic, the Swiss Confederation, our New England colonies, and, beginning in the Reform Era a hundred years ago, 24 modern American states. We need civil society to have the corruption-fighting powers of fully independent citizen lawmaking because pure rep govt has completely failed us.

We need, I think, to get into a protected "2nd NCC" (national constitutional convention) asap -- and I've got pointed suggestions for how we get there. The 2nd NCC is the only way for us to get the Constitutional renewal that we need. We obviously need the power to minimize corruption, instead of allowing the Constitution's one-eyed political dynamic of pure rep govt -- with the people locked out -- to shroud us in continually maximized corruption.

We need the power to prevent future, dual-party, three branch, treasonous tyrannies such as the Bush-Cheney Illegitimacy, which is not a lawful presidency, but rather an unconstitutional anti-law regime. That status dates from the unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous Supreme Court decision in Bush v. Gore.  As defined in 18 USC 241, every co-conspirator in that felony conspiracy against citizen rights, to have a president elected in accord with the Constitution, can be fined and imprisoned for up to ten years.  Felony forfeits judicial immunity, legislative immunity, and executive immunity.  Public office-holding and life appointments to the federal bench are not factors. Do the crime, do the time.

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