Upcoming rhetorical fight - EU trade sanctions

   The upcoming EU trade sanctions target products from Republican areas. This could be a huge boon for us or a miserable setback. Here's a description:

http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=509&ncid=509&e=19&u=/ap/20041117/ap_ on_bi_ge/eu_us_trade_sanctions

We need to fight to put our spin on the issue:

Why is damaging ties with Europe bad?
Why is this a problem with Bush rather than a problem with being in the WTO?
What special interest ties cause the GOP to bring on this world rebuke?

If we can win these arguments, we can then blame republicans for the economic suffering caused by their actions...Since the sanctions are targeted in Republican districts/states it will be all the more beneficial. The effects of this will be felt on a local level. If a big company is hurt by these sanctions, we need to be in a position to take advantage.

We must counter the label that we are sissy Francophiles, and that we are traitors for taking the European side of an issue that hurts America.

We need to take the lead on this issue, rather than respond later. Once the president brings it to the American people, anything we do may be too little too late. If we can't talk without being called traitors, any positives will be canceled.

Let's bring this issue up soon, and make our stance clear. We are pro-American, pro-trade, and just plain right. Let's not miss a chance to blast them for being unilateralists they are....wait make that the globalphobes they are.....

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