The Orwellians - putting a face on the GOP

We need a concerted attack, something we can pin on the Republicans that they can't get off. Many have blamed our loss on John Kerry's failure to provide an opposing unified vision to Bush's. The story then moves on to say that John Kerry's "litany of complaints" was ineffective at getting voters out for him. I disagree. Incumbent elections are about an appraisal of the last four year. Did Americans like how the president handled the nation during his term? Kerry failed to tell a cohesive story that wove together the many shortcomings of the Bush administration. I want to be able to sum up why a candidate is bad with one phrase, soft on crime, soft on defense, lost the war, etc.

For the future, we should label the repubs as Orwellians. We could turn their favorite slogan them "soft on liberty", or Orwellians, or government intrusionists. I think a   bunch of policy decisions have created a theme, let me list them briefly...

  1. Alberto Gonzales nomination - let's smear him. Look at Dailykos, but instead of just reading it, tell your friends.

  2. FDA radio bugs on Viagra. My god this is scary. What's next? radio scanners on cars, people, books?

  3.  Patriot Act - parts of it are particularly bad. I like bringing those "crazy librarians" out to be the face of any anti-Patriot Act campaign.

  4. No pictures of caskets - I know some in the public remember it....

  5. Iraq - Invading countries that we don't like and then rebuilding them as they attack us - this will become a bigger issue, the longer we stay. We need to continue spinning this war as a misadventure, that makes us less safe (which i realize is the current argument against)

  6. Racial Profiling - maybe wont appeal as much to white voters, but this is an important issue, and it will help us with minority voters.

To attempt this strategy, I believe that we do need to layoff gun control for a while. It is gatekeeping issue, that we need to get past to break into the "distrustful of government power" vote. It never really had as much appeal as other issues for me in the first place.

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