MyDD consensus => electoral strategy

It seems like a consensus has developed at MyDD through most of the posts on how to retain most of our most important values and still put together a winning coalition.

They break down into a few main points:

1) Get the outdoorsman vote. Conservationism + guns.

2) Progressive religious alternative to conservative religious politics

3) Reframe the debate

and one less discussed that we too often ignore:

4) Trounce the GOP in the latino vote.

all below

1)  We seem to be willing to give up some ground with  regards to gun control. Let's do it, and embrace the hunters. I've read about the rumblings in Field & Stream and saw what happened in Montana. If the Republican continues to push domestic resource extraction, our case will get even better. Coupled with a stronger stance on liberties and containing Big Brother will go a long way with these voters.

States we're looking to swing our way for a president:

States where it will help in the House and Senate:
everywhere hunters and fishers make up a nice chunk of the population. States without overwhelming population centers.

2)  Progressive Religious Alternative -
There seems to be a consensus that religious progressive groups must be built. Language and presentation must change and people understand, i think. We won't break into the type of folks that seek the mega-churches, but others can be given an alternative to support. We need to fight harder for Catholics. Papal opposition to the president was drastically underutilized. Abortions need to be made more rare. Actions speak louder than words for open-minded Catholics.

This is not a regional strategy...but more of a swing state strategy.

3) Reframe the debate - First, we need to take control of language. Where are our memos on key words to use? For example, some have started calling fox news, faux news. Many have said very good stuff about this. We need a standardization of terms we use. We need uniformity in this area. Repetition is the key. Second, create a narrative about America that people can latch onto. Positive  energy is important to a lot of less politically involved voters.

4) The latino vote - Kerry should have won much more of this vote. With more attention, he probably could have. We need to reach out. We need to exploit Republican nativism trumpeted to white voters. Democrats aren't innocent...i saw language in some Democratic senator ads in Illinois that were awfully racist, but that's off-topic.  We need to win this vote, and the shortcomings of 2004 can not happen again.

Electoral Prognostication:

We go for wins in the Southwest horseshoe:
We go for wins in the gun toters of the East

Again, I am trying to write a consensus thread here. Did I leave anything out, did i put something in incorrectly?

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MyDD consensus electoral strategy
I live in Illinois, and I believe that the racist ads were put out by Jim Oberweis, a Republican candidate in the senatorial primary, who ran on an anti-Mexican immigrant platform.
by Baltimore 2004-11-24 05:11AM | 0 recs
Very good analysis srolle
I would add a few kitchen table economic issues like national health care, a minimum wage and perhaps even taking on the issue of right to work in select states.

On reframing the issues I've been wondering if we should try to invent new names or simply take back the issue. We've tried to push SCLM for example. I think we might be better off going with mainstream media and attacking it just as hard as the wingnuts. Peggy Noonan has already christened MSM as the initials of the year in an editorial and I saw it used in a political cartoon. SCLM may be our number one preference, but I don't see any big advantage over MSM. Unfortunately the right controls the airwaves and until we develop a method of getting our "frame" out into the general population we don't have a lot of control over how an issue is framed.

Another one is family values. I've seen civil values and moral values suggested and they are both excellent. I'm not certain we actually need to abandon the phrase family values to the right. We may be better off reclaiming family values by simply expanding the definition instead of fighting over it.

The hispanic vote could be very problematic. I saw one analysis that said that Bush's support in the hispanic community almost exactly mirrored their pro-life support. It looks like the Kerry campaign may have taken latinos for granted. I totally agree we need to focus on latinos, I'm just suggesting this is going to be a more difficult battle than we expected going into the '04 election. There are cultural issues in the latino community that lean towards both parties and we need to fight aggressively to bring them our direction.

by Gary Boatwright 2004-11-24 08:57PM | 0 recs


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