Dungy, T.O. and MNF - a few talking points.

Tony Dungy has explained why he feels that the skit had racial undertones. He says that it is stereotypical of both athletes and black men. I can imagine every white conservative saying how they can't uderstand why Dungy is so under-sensitive. People will also imply that if you see it is a racist depiction, you are actually racist. Somehow implying that if you aren't colorblind, you are the real biggot. Here's what'd i'd say, if anyone has anything they would say differently, i'd be interested to hear.

 what if had been brett farve/a black woman?

    It wasn't farve, it was Terell Owens, and he is black. There is a shared belief among many people that black men are willing to slack off from their resposiblity and are overly sexual active. The fact that it is a white women buys into white-supremacist beliefs that white women are more desirable than women of color.

so why'd that so bad anyway?

    When people see these scenes, of course they don't consciously think about their stereotypes. Stereotypes are created through this type of passive reaffirmation. Once you see scenes like this over and over in the media, our natural pattern recognition kicks in and a stereotype is born.

well if he wasn't so sensitive it wouldn't even be an issue.

  He's not sensitive, he's an NFL coach for god's sake. He's courageously making a point that most people are too scared to make. He's talking from a point of view that white people haven't experience, so it's almost impossible to understand.

i hope this helps someone at "the water cooler"


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