"The War on Faux"

Hi MyDDers! I don't diary here often anymore -- it's been nearly a year (October 31, 2008) since I last did so -- but I'm bored and having more trouble sleeping than usual this morning. And of course, there are still a few of you here who haven't migrated, who I still miss. This diary was really just an excuse to post fun anti-Faux pics. Those of you I don't see often anymore, please pop in and say hello downthread! - sricki

I have probably watched more Fox "News" than any regular here on The Moose MyDD. In fact, I'd wager I have watched more of it than most rank and file Republicans, since I'm much more of a news junky than your average Joe. Growing up in a conservative household, it was pretty hard to escape it. (I have probably listened to more Rush than the rest of you, too, for that matter.) I have always enjoyed my parents -- despite their unfortunate political leanings, they are smart, funny, cool people in most respects -- and since they watched Fixed News in the den, I spent a lot of time viewing it as well, simply because it was a way of spending time with them and discussing the day's events.

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The Albatross of His Own Choosing

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Senator John McCain's vice presidential pick is looking like a bigger mistake day by day. There is growing evidence that Governor Sarah Palin has become a drag on the flailing Republican ticket.  The Republican nominee is already weighed down by the failures of the Bush administration and our deteriorating economy, but it's looking more and more like Palin may be the final nail in the coffin.

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Just Another "Godless" Democrat?

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As many of you are aware, Kay Hagan is currently fighting a tough battle against incumbent North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole. It's still a close race, but Hagan has opened up a healthy lead against her Republican opponent, some polls suggesting a 49/42 split.

That's the good news. The bad news is, Dole's campaign has its back up against the wall so tightly that it's lashing out in the most vitriolic way possible, a method which seems to have become increasingly popular among GOP candidates this cycle: attacking the Democratic candidate's faith. Dole recently released an ad (now being referred to as "Godless") attempting to portray Hagan as a heathen liberal by claiming that a leader of the Godless Americans PAC held a fundraiser in her honor. The ad asserts that Hagan "took godless money" and asks, "What did [she] promise in return?"

This is the sort of slanderous filth of which the esteemed Governor Palin would be proud (if she weren't already too busy practicing witchcraft).

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Even John McCain Wouldn't Vote for John McCain

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Straight talk.

Apparently it's a dying art.

John McCain was never a maverick. He was a staunch Republican whose positions deviated from those of his party only on occasion. But the one thing he had going for him was honesty and sincerity. He told the country what he believed and why he believed it, firmly and unapologetically. He stood up for his beliefs even if they were unpopular. He defended his principles. But somewhere along the line John McCain gave up. He sacrificed his principles, he surrendered to the sordid tactics of his party, the tactics he once despised and vocally denounced. To fully understand the magnitude of his fall, one must look back -- a glance at the McCain of a month ago, really, is sufficient to understand the duplicity of his statements and positions, but the differences between the McCain of 2000 and the McCain of 2008 are staggering. A brief list compiled by blogger Alex Valentine shows the stark contrast between the two McCains:

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They've Got the Fear

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That's right, the GOP is terrified. They're skittish, they're nervous, they're running scared. Not from Obama, of course.


They're afraid of Sarah Palin.

Honestly, can we blame them? Her record is sad enough, but her performance in interviews is abysmal. Anything unscripted, and she's in trouble. Here we have Ms. Palin seeming none too sure about what that mysterious "Bush Doctrine" might be:

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Stars Against Palin

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You almost have to laugh watching this much outrage coming out of Hollywood. I've never been one to pay much attention to the sleazy tabloids or the innumerable useless factoids about celebrities, but I have to admit, I'm enjoying the smackdown they're giving Sarah Palin. Since the primaries ended, Hollywood has remained relatively quiet about the presidential race -- until, of course, John McCain decided to put Palin in the spotlight. She is anathema to everything our liberal stars hold dear: her political ideology is positively prehistoric, the sort of positions born of nightmares. So naturally, our stars are reacting accordingly.

Look! Even Ben Stein hates her! She scares him. And apparently feels like he's in a mental hospital. (I know that feeling.)

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LMAO, McCain PWN3D himself!

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"I am so disgusted with McCain and whoever led him in that direction. He has REALLY messed in it." - my maternal grandmother, about 10 minutes ago

LOL, thank you McCain! My 71-year-old lifelong Republican grandmother is voting for OBAMA!

Do you know why? Because of PALIN. Because McCain is old. And she's afraid he'll die, which would mean a woman with no experience and no real accomplishments would become president. And my Gammy's 74-year-old church friend is also voting for Obama. They've kept it a secret between themselves (because they hate Democrats, and it's supposed to be an embarrassment to vote for one). The most pro-life people you'll ever meet. Southern Baptists. Super social conservatives, fiscally conservative. Horrified by Wright. Bought into the "Obama is a Muslim" thing for months and sent me god knows how many emails about it. Thought he might be the ANTICHRIST. Don't think we should pull out of Iraq.

And yet... they're voting for him. That's right. They're Voting. For. Barack. Obama.

"He's either an incredibly gifted liar, or he's exactly what this country needs right now. I think Obama is a different thing. I really believe what he's saying."

That was her reaction to Obama's speech last night. McCain screwed himself out of a vote with Palin. Obama WON himself a vote with his impassioned speech. I'm so excited I can barely think straight. No one in my family has EVER voted for a Democrat (except me, of course, but I don't count).

"Michelle's speech was wonderful, just wonderful. And this thing about her not being patriotic is just a lie. She's pretty much right about how blacks were treated in America."

I'm in shock. Really. In SHOCK. My 71-year-old grandmother is an Obamacan.

PS. My grandmother is from Alabama. And she used to LOVE McCain.

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I Think I Understand You

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I've spent the last two or three months demonizing and vilifying the people around here who said they couldn't or wouldn't vote for Obama. I've been pretty harsh about it. I've claimed that none of them were true Democrats and said their motivations were purely self-centered. I've called them fools and Republicans. I've even called some of them racists.

Well. I'm here to issue an apology.

Not to the assholes who call Obama "Obambi". Not to the jerks who attack Michelle. Not to the racists who use Hillary as an excuse to oppose Barack. Not to the selfish idiots who are using her as a mascot for a "movement" which has little to do with anything beyond their own overgrown egos. Not to people like Harriet Christian. Certainly not to PUMA as a group.

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Government Fail: No Child Left Behind

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[WARNING: Monstrously long diary with about a million blockquotes... but I threw some pictures in for your entertainment]

"These reforms express my deep belief in our public schools and their mission to build the mind and character of every child, from every background, in every part of America."

- President George W. Bush on NCLB, announced three days after taking office.
January 2001

In the midst of Bush's war and our current economic insecurity, many of his less publicized failures are largely ignored by the MSM. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (Public Law 107-110), which reauthorized the ESEA, has been vigorously debated among liberals and conservatives. Its stated purposes include increased accountability for States, schools, and school districts; greater choice for parents and students; more flexibility for States and local educational agencies (LEAs) in the use of Federal education dollars; and a stronger emphasis on reading.

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Wait a sec!

Now they're saying she isn't dead?? In critical condition? CNN is confused.

Five term Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones just died. The Ohio congresswoman suffered a brain aneurysm yesterday while driving and was rushed to the hospital. Report just came in from CNN.

She was a superdelegate and one of Hillary Clinton's biggest supporters.

Updates coming shortly.

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