• or even a tenth of it to be honest. I'm too busy with my Moosey cyber-bullying elsewhere. (BOOGA-BOOGA!) But from what I've read, the diarist has too much free time.

    I'm not reading the rest of this dribble. I don't know how my fellow Moose will respond to this thread, but it is my hope that they do not waste much of their superior intellect or precious time on this nonsense. Diaries like this are best laughed at, and then left in the dust.

    See you guys back where clearer heads prevail.

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    I think you know where I'd advise you to stick that cucumber, Jackie-boy.


    I hope you've enjoyed our interaction, Jerome... rankles... Jack, because it is certainly our last. Like most people who still visit this blog on occasion, I only come here to read Charles. Rest assured I'll be skipping any further pointless bleating from you.


    Jerome, I know things have gotten pretty bad around here, but I still didn't realize MyDD had sunk this low. Couldn't you have gotten someone more polished and professional to write for your FP? You know, someone like engels or MumbaiBurns?


    I'm bored of this and have been for a while, so I'm out. I'll leave you boys to abuse the few commenters you have left.


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    why are your panties still in such a bunch over my comments... hmmmmmm?

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    Ohhhh, is being invited to FP on MyDD supposed to be an honor these days? What a shame that the Big Blue bar has been lowered so far that someone lacking any semblance of maturity (or writing talent) has procured an invite, simply by sucking up a bit.

    My motivation makes no sense? Perhaps because I have none beyond stating my opinion -- one that seems to have gotten your panties in a bunch. You might think about growing some thicker skin if you are going to continue your driveling here.

    As far as your diarying is concerned, feel free to post daily on the FP (yes, you have my permission). Hell, post multiple times a day -- it will increase viewership to this dying blog by not one iota. And, that, my little friend, does not piss me off. It makes me laugh. Heartily.

    (Why am I not surprised to find out you were a brat as a child?)

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    you are a terrible diarist in general terms, but as a FP'er, you are truly abysmal.

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    Are you seriously THIS crazy?!?

  • you agree with the SCOTUS decision?


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    So although this diary has made it to the rec list, apparently no one has read it.

    That's probably a pretty common occurrence at MyDD.


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    I couldn't get beyond your imbecilic misspelling of the word "gall" in your first sentence up there, which to a more literal person might nonsensically read, "It is now amazing to me that Barack Obama had the french person to accuse Bill Clinton of being..."

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    Maybe you have more faith in the American people than I do. I see most of the people in this country as willfully ignorant. Most people don't care to look for information that is readily available. Transparency should be a good thing, yes. But to see an upside to this decision, I think you are assuming that the average voter A) cares enough to find out which corporations are funding which candidates, and B) has the brains to understand the implications of that funding. It doesn't matter that the information is out there -- people are going to be stupid and think what they want regardless. Even our members of Congress are stupid. Should Joe Wilson already have known that HCR efforts would not provide for illegal immigrants? Yeah, the information was available. But the stupid ass decided what he thought, didn't bother to look, and hollered "You Lie" at the president. And wingnuts around the country agreed with him and applauded. You think those same dumbasses -- or even average moderates -- are going to do any research or critical thinking? Nah. Math is hard. So are words. Down with the socialists and brown people!

    I understand what you are saying -- and in theory, yeah, people ought to be able to look at who's being bought and sold and wise up. But in practice, expecting people to do their homework and make the right connections is probably asking too much.

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    THANK you!!!

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    but people who don't know the difference between "your" and "you're" probably should not be calling anyone an idiot...

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    I'm just not sure what with. The whackadoodle stick, maybe?


    More like bludgeoned with it, though.

  • xenophobes everywhere are officially shitting bricks.


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