Time for Restraint

Logging on to the Internet after coming home from work, I was taken aback to read about the incident that happened today, regarding Senator Clinton's interview  and her comments regarding RFK's assasination.

As a Senator Clinton supporter, I have to say my first reaction was to cringe.  But then, I watched the clip of her interview and her apology.

My conclusion is that Senator Clinton made a point, regarding the fact that the nomination fight has gone on into June on 2 other occasions, which she mentioned.  

In the current hieghtened enviornment of emotions around the primary process, this episode could prove to inflame our emotions more and make the bitterness on either side worse.

I would like to urge everyone to take a step back and find some perspective on this episode.  I feel very strongly, that this is the time for restraint in both camps.  Reacting emotionally to this situation is normal, but it is not the best thing in this circumstance.

FOr Senator Obama's supporters, I will say that it appears Senator Clinton made a point in a very inartful way, but I am pretty sure, she would never wish for any harm to come to Senator Obama or his family.  I of course donot know her personally, but Senator Durbin, who does, said it well today.
http://www.nysun.com/national/clinton-re grets-rfk-assassination-remark/78159/

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A British perspective on Sexism in America

BTD at TalkLeft has a link to the following article from the NewStatesman publication from the UK.

I implore evreyone to try to read it with an open mind and lets then have a respectful discussion of what's in there.

I am hoping that reading this article, and having a respectful discussion about it will be one of the few small steps we can take to become aware about sexism and talk about what we can do to change this in America.

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Genuine anger among Clinton Supporters

I am a Independent woman voter who leans Democratic, and a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton.  Recently there seems to be a lot of attention paid to the fact that women supporters of Hillary Clinton are genuinely angry and upset regarding the blatant sexism that she has been subjected to during this campaign.  

Most people who do not support her for President, and few who do appear to agree that there has been sexism, but then they go on to argue that despite hard feelings on our part, we would be stupid to consider voting for John Macain because of his support for pro life Supreme Court justices.  

Before I give my thoughts on this argument, let me say that this statement is likely to make matters worse.  It in some way implies that not only are women not supposed to feel mad about the sexism, but are supposed to suck it up, shut up and vote for the greater good.  

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