• I have days when I think we should just climate change go, since it's the RWers planet too, and they'll face the same onsquences the rst of us will.

    I'm sorry to say that, but I felt I had to get it off my chest.

  • In my view, the road back (for one party or another) usually starts with big victories in places just like FL-19.

    They have to do well in those strongholds if they're going to do well elsewhere.

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    Boneheads like Pawlenty are among the reasons why I'm no longer a Republican.

    Don't these people get it?

    This is he same thing that got this country into trouble in the first place.

    It's easy for the liberal blogosphere to point this out and fire up the base to keep these characters out of office, but where are the Republcians? Isn't there somebody in the GOP with the guts to say "This hasn't worked, this won't work and it's high time we tried to  develop a program that will."

  • Why not? Is the fact that Obama won the reason you'r ticked at him?

    Hey, it happens, especially with people who follow politics for any extended period of time.

  • Sorry about the rough nme. It's just that sometimes on these sites, people come up with some strange ideas that to me sound like a hybrid of liberal philosophy and right wing extremism, hence terms like "Blog Birchers", "Little old lefties in tennis shoes""Socialist freepers" etc.

  • Thanks for the link. I regularly visit two other web sites and all I read about there for the most part are about the things Obama's doing as President.

    A fourth one complains about "Wimpy Dems" in a manner that makes it sound like a real-life version of David Letterman's Osama Bin Laden holiday tapes.

    But when I come here, it's all gloom and doom, all "inside baseball", all horse race, all the time.If it's not Jerome, it's Jonathan Singer, if it's not Jonathan singer, it's Chris Lemos, if it's not Chris Lemos, it's Nathan Espenall, if it's not Nathan Espenall, it's nate Silver, if it's not Nate Silver, it's desmoinesdem, if it's not desmoinesdem, it'severybody's favorite defeatist weasel, Upstate Kent.

    Jerome,, just what has the President done to hurt you, anyway?

    I'm not a liberal Democrat, I didn't vote for Obama, but I think he's tryiing and I'm getting a little tired of the knives in his back with the "MyDD" and "Bartcop.com" logos on the handle.


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    cue conservatives to start whining about "special rights for homosexuls" and cue Blog Birchers whining about "keeping DADT and DOMA."

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    I repeat, who will challenge Obama in the primaries?

    The nervous nellies at MyDD need a candidate and they need one NOW.

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    Yes, who will challenge him?

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    What has to dawn on you is that while this may be a Republican year, it may not necessarily be 1994 all over again.

    It seems that a lot of people, especially at MyDD right now, have joined in on calling the election seven months early and if something doesn't fit the mem (like the Fl-19 results), they're dismissed as irrelevant. Had the election been closer or gone Republican, then there may have been a lot more noise about national implications.

    Lynch was on Fox Business Channel during the campaign, bragging about his post-HCR fundraising and touting some information the was supposed to have given hm the lead in the race. Also, the M$M decided to gin this up as a referendum on Obama and healthcare,

    Those arethe things which apparently made the victory margn significant.


    P.S-You didn't answer my question. What happens if PA and HI stay Democratic.

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    And if PA aand HI both go Democratic Jerome, what then?

    There are some indications that while this won't be a baner years for the Democrats, ithere may not be a Republican tidal waive, either.

    At some point, that has to dawn on you.

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    Anybody chekc the results from FL-19 tonight? that should send KEnt back underground fro another couple of weeks.

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    Two things to remember about Stevens' replacement:

    1) the right will think they're too radical.

    2) The left will be dissatisfied with womever gets the nod 10 minutes after the name is leaked.


    oh, and here's a third:

    3) It won't be worth losing some mosquito abatement trustee's seat to the Republicans in the eyes of Kent (his position will recceive mega-recs along with the endorsements of desmoinesdem, Jerome Armstrong, Jonathan Singer and Nate Silver).

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    Which he will probably do if it gets to that point, don't you think?


    Hey Kent, when the inevitable happens and a liberal version of George W. Bush becomes President, try and support them for I don't know, 30 seconds or so. That would be a new record.

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    Interesting point.

    Nobody like Congress, but everybody likes their Congressperson.


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