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    You're right about the thought behind some of the Obama criticisms from the left, but it still sounds too much to me like some nasally-voiced geek yelling at the coach from the cheap seats and hen calling the local "Talk About Sports" show every night to bellyache.
    I didn't mean to insult your intelligence, but if the lip fits, wear it.


    In other words, "WHy not? It's the truth!"



    One more time--


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    Actually, I think the problem is too many know-it-all bloggers seem to have everything figures out and that this President is soem kind of a) either head-in-toe-clouds dreamer, or  b) a clueless intellectual, or c) just plain dumb.
    I'm starting to think of the liberal blogosphere as a phone-in sports talk show where all the "Fans" pile on the home team (especially with all the calls to "Fire (fill in the blank with name of Blog Bircher Bogeyman)."
    Since you people are such greaty geniuses and such invincible campaign strategists, why don't you go to Washington and offer to trade places with the President. I'm sure that after you're done, there will be unlimited peace and prosperity with progressive Democrats in every elected office.
    Go ahead. You're as good at politics as you are coaching sports teams from your perch 16 rows back.

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    Actually, Mr. Defeatist Prick, I didn't vote for Obama. I'm just a citizen and student of history who has seen all this beflore and am more than a little put off by all the Obama-bashing in the liberal blogosphere.

    The temper of the times my be on your side no matter what happens on Nov. 2, and all you do is bellyache while encouraging Jerome and his little buddy Kent Limbaugh, along with the rest of the PUMA preserve in their incessant moaning and groaning.

    I didn't vote for Obama, but I'm honest enough to recognize that he has accomplshed a great deal in less than two years and a lot of it has been for the greater good, which is more than I can say for all of you in the Blog Birch Society.

    So what else is new?

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    Jay and Kent-

    Unless your attitudes change, I'm done with MyDD. I'm sorry you didn't get your wish (President McCain) in 2008 so the Dems could name thier score this year.



    Oh I forgot. He gives Jerome affirmation.

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    This is off-topic, but I saw on Bartcop yesterday a quote from Charles Krauthammer which basically warned Republcians against underestimating Obama. I think someobdy should issue that warning to the President's so-called supporters in the fifth column left here at MyDD.


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    I agree with your comments re Breithart. Now, would someone please inform the mainstream press.

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    Shut up Kent

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    Give it a rest, Jerome.

    I always come to MyDD first, but I'm beginning to wonder why. Between the lefty freeper rants of Jerome, Upstate Kent, Charles Lemons, Nathan Espenall, Nate Silver, desmoinesdem and the rest of the little old lefties in tennis shoes, I'm not sure what the use is.

    Maybe we could just impeach Obama. You want to go there? I'm sure Darrell Issa would welcome your support.

    Besides, it's going to be another 30 years before the country's ready for your perfect leader (the liberal Shrub) and they won't last 10 minutes with you, anyway.

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    Are you for real?



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    No, Reid isn't over that magic 50 percent, but he's in better shape than he was.

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    Wheneverthings start going south for the CW, the last group to catch on are the people who create it.


    Mr. Cook, your party will gain, but not as much as previously thought.

  • The Dems will keep Murtha's House seat, eh?

    Oh Kent! Where are you Kent? We need you and your own special brand of Democratic gloom and doom.

    Let's hear it?

  • I should have figured that everybody's favorite loud-mouthed doom crier would be first in line.

    So who would you have picked Mr. Know-It-All?

    What? Did you have your heart set on McCain being saddled with a veto-proof Democratic Congress in 2011? Dem state legislatures gerrymandering at will?

    Now the midterm spanking you were hoping the GOP wuld get won't happen. That's the price you pay for having to govern, you big baby.

    What has made you such a whiny little defeatist? Oh, you're a liberal blogger.

    Never mind.

  • So what else is new?


    You know I used to be a Republican, but that was back when Republicans actually aced human between the dates on their tombstones.

  • You can't call a PUMA a PUMA, or a Blog Bircher a Blog Bircher, but Kent and judybrown can whine and cry doom to their heart's content (even though the term "contented libeal blogger" is an oxymoron)


    Don't you just love MyDD?


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