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    The truth hurts sometimes, dowsn't it Jerome?

  • This also makes sense, vecky.

    There's been a lot oc concern here about the GOp co-opting this issue since the Log Cabin Republicans were plaintiffs against DADT and Ted Olson was one of the attorneys who argued against Prop 8.

    This may be the sign of something much more important. Namely, the collapse of an atomosphere where things like Prop 8, DOMA and DADT can flourish.

    If the proponents of these policies are starting to lose conservative support, then they've lost the public.

  • Trey-

    Nice take on the issue, but this is the liberal blogosphere and MyDD has especailly turned into HateObama.com.

    Everything you've written my be true, but the little old lefties in tennis shoes don't want to hear it.

    Obama hasn't met their vision of a perfect leader:a lieral version of George W. Bush.

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    And I was a Republcian who little use for Ronald Reagan or the people around him. to say the least mine wasn't a majority opinion.

    BTW, if Obama's done one thing right, it's improve our standing overseas, something has been happening almost from the moment he was elected The rest of the wrold thinks we're nuts fro treating hims like a dog and a poster on another site said that they'd like to see him ride off into the sunset after two terms to Europe, where he'd be better appreciated than he is with his spoiled brat countrymen.

    Spiro was right and so is Eugene Robinson. We're a naton of spoiled brats.

    On both sides of the spectrum.

    Nsally, tunnel-visioned response from the MyDD community in 3..2..1

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    How far off the reservation is Kent? So far he can't even see the smoke signals.

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    I understand that, but that's beside the point, since it was beside the point two years ago when we elected a President.

    It makes me sick to think that we the people are going to be so stupid that we're going to follow up on screwing ourselves over while in a conservative mood with screwng ourselves over when it's supposed to be going the other way.

    I don't know what else to tell you.



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    And if Jimmy Carter had been re-elected, the GOP would have taken over Congress 12 years earlier, with more reasonable people than Newt Gingrich in charge.

    This is what you're so paranoid about.

    The consolation prize?

    Which Presidential campaign gets the lovely parting gifts?

    I understand how you feel. I felt the same way when Reagan was President, but can't you see beyond that?

    Unfortunately, bad midterm elections come with the territroy for the party in the White House. It annoys me too, but that's the way it is and a lot of times, the midterms have a way of backfiring on the winners.

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    Your boy Ronnie had a Dem house for eight years that was even more Democratic after 1982 and a Dem Senate for two. Nixon and Ford each had overwhelmingly Dem Congresses during their presidencies, but everyone said that the country was more conservative back then (I can swap stats too, loser).

    There's more to the national mood than who controls Congress, you know. If we've been so right wing over the last few years, where was President Dole? Why didn't Old Man Bush get re-elected in 1992? Why isn't McCain President?

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    See my post below. BTW, Bill Clinton was elected twice and Obama once. Jimmy Caarter would hve done better as well, had he come along later.

    Take off the "hate-Obama" blinders stupid.

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    I have a few more questions for Upstate Kent:

    1. What's the partisan makeup of your home area? (I'm an ex-Republican who still had ties to the GOP during the Reagan adminstration, but lived in a rural Illinois county that was 3-2 Democratic--and they spouted off like it!).


    2. Who said something to you that made you feel as if you were the scum of the earth for being a Democrat? (That's the felling I got from listening to all those Democrats yelping about how theirs was the only good side in the 1980s).

    3. What high-rnaking Republican elected official called you a "base lowlife" because of your politics? (Harold Washington called the GOP "base and lowlife," but beacuase I was still a Republican, I took it that Mayor Washington, whom I have never met, was calling me "base and lowlife").

    I'm a history buff sir and I happen to think that the political climate over the better part of my life has transpired in a way that refelcts the mood of the people. Otherwise, we would not have had the elected lofficials that we have.

    There's a school of thought that the Teabaggers are like the antiwar radicals who took over the Democratic Party in 1972, a noisy contingent that was going in one direction while the rest of the country was heading the other way. I have had the misfortune of spending most of may life among people who are going the wrong way in the eyes of the public mood, whther it was  antiwar liberals growing up or loud-mouthed conservatives now.That has created a somewhat warped attitude on my part towards politics, as well as bitterness over the tendency of my profession (I work at a newspaper) to overhype the politically obsolete.


    Finally, I have one other question:

    Are all those lost Democratic legislative, statehouse and municipal offices really so important that we needed four years of "The Geezer and Gidget" to hold on to them? (you once quoted former Gov. Corzine of NJ. I understand that he wasn't that successful of a Governor and like a lot of the causes Obama has had to defend, wasn't much of one). And are those sub-Presidential positions so important that we have to entrust our country to the failed policies of the past in order to reclaim them?

    That lat question is also posed to tarheel73, Jerome and everyone else at MyDD who have turned this site into teardownobama.com.

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    OK smart guy, who's your choice?

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    There's a lot of vitriol on this thread..and you're the main cause of it Kent.

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    Yeah, it's not endless gloom and doom for the Dems...definitely above your level.

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    Oh, professional journalists like Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow (who are paid to be skeptical of the elected leadership and are expected to hold their feet to the fire), along with Michael Moore, Andrew Sullivan and Arianna Huffington (what? no Bill Maher? You can't field a team of All-Star profeessional malcontents without Bill Maher) as well as Markos, Digby, John Aravosis, Glenn Greenwald, Paul "I-dont-want-to-join-the-administration-because-I-might-have-t0-face-the-real-wrold" Krugman and the other darlings of the Sports Talk left.

    You guys all agree with Ben Quayle? You all think that Obama's the worst President ever?

    First, I'm a history buff and not a hero-worshipper. That means I know who the worst President in history was and he isn't the incumbent (try James Buchanan, Herbert hoover or Kent's boy George W. Bush on for size).

    I happen to think history and the public mood have been inching towards the left since the end of the Cold War 21 years ago. Otherwise, I wouldn't be giving sites like this the time of day.

    I don't what you people have against Obama, but I think you need to stop and take a deep breath. This is the only political site I'm registered at and I'm afraid that it has seen its better days.


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