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    Petraeus I'll agree with you on, but Romney I can't see. Romney is human thorazine.

    Palin, I have to totally part ways with you on. Palin would inspire people to come out to vote against her...she's just too nutty and too far right. 

    Bush wasn't bright, in fact he comes across as a moron on most things.  Palin, however, is on a whole 'nother level of stupidity.

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    Hillary might be able to pull it off, and a good GOP candidate might make it close.  But, when you look at the GOP field, I have trouble imagining him losing. 

    And, I think the economy is likely to pick up.

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    Obama wouldn't even listen to Stiglitz and Krugman, and they were hardly the only guys saying we needed a major stimulus.

    The country was crying for dramatic action and Obama gave us a half-baked half-stimulus and a YEAR of ridiculous sausage making over health reform. Sure, I'm glad we have some health reform, but Obama wouldn't even claim to take a public position on the thing for most of that year of debate. I mean come on! 

    And, seriously, WTF is this Afghanistan nonsense???  Yeah, he had to talk about it in the campaign, but even Bush and Cheney had enough sense to realize that was foolhardy. All Obama needed to do was direct some additional resources there...not start some insane war against goat herders with AK-47s and a mission from Allah.

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    She's smart to have stayed out of the Senate, that's for certain. But, it's easy to see how, for her, there was little upside to remain in the Senate if Obama was transformational and "The Savior" as he would get all the credit, whereas she would bear all the negativity if the economy failed to improve or Obama proved to be another Carter.

    She's poised to make a primary challenge if she wants to, but, honestly, I think Obama himself isn't in that bad of shape in 2012.  He's still a very charismatic guy, plays to the middle on everything, and it's hard to hate him. Reminds me of Reagan that way...although I did manage to hate him.

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    I Obama lucks out and the GOP doesn't retake the House and/or Senate, I'm sure he'll take the wrong lesson from it. My gut tells me that triangulation/centrism/conservatism will be what they attribute any "success" they may have. 

    But, lets be real, the House and maybe the Senate is gone.

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    I haven't been on this site in forever and I'm really pleased to see some decent/realistic coverage.  The analysis is spot on.  Obama has been a major disappointment, and he's not even close to being through with harming progressives.  Obama has either sold-out, was disingenuous campaigning, or is completely inept.

    My personal theory is that a deal was struck with the Clintons back in the summer of 08.  Hillary didn't contest his nomination and in exchange Obama gave her the State Department and agreed to staff his WH with former Clinton people.  It's just a theory, but NONE of what has transpired is surprising given Obama's team.

    Obama's/Clinton's team are the GOP's best friends. They believe in free trade, they cater big business, they hate and use the liberal base, and they aren't very good for the party as a whole.

    So sad. I may never live to see another opportunity to turn this country in progressive direction.  It seems likely I'll never see the goal as open as it was for Obama. He had an open net with a goalie no where to be found and he decided to pass up the shot and kick the ball backwards. 

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    Also their damned Armada. They will not rule the high seas under a McCain administration.

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    The Iquisition, NEVER FORGET!

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    I'd like to see national numbers that only polled states in play and sampled/weighted according to their state's electoral votes.

    Anyone know of such a poll?  It would be the only "national" poll of any value.

    What do I care if Kansas and Kentucky all vote for McCain? Likewise, how does it help me to have people from IL, CA or NY polled?

    Point me in the right direction, I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in this.

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    Good News:

    Obama's chances to win just went above 95 %.

    Bad News:

    We may not have a country as Bush administration is seriously going for the worst President in history award with this late economic push.

    Someone should just ask Bush what he thinks we should everyday and then do the opposite.  Imagine how well we would be doing if just adopted my simple strategy.

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    Let's get right down to it. The charge is that Obama is somehow "afraid" of McCain.

    Obama needs to put that front and center. When asked he needs to say that McCain trying to be macho and pretend Obama is afraid of him.

    Obama should just turn it around and point out they have 3 debates he's looking forward to. And add a jab about having lived on the south side of the Chicago, and laugh about the idea of being afraid of a guy getting on in years worth upwards of 100 million dollars who can't remember how many homes he owns. The truth is that McCain needs silly diversions like this, and if it wasn't this they'd just make something else up to take the public's attention away from the Bush economy and Presidency he suppports and hopes to continue.

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    Just caught it on TV.  

    They are outright stealing the "more of the same" language. Tricky on their part.

    But, like Palin, this is ultimately very stupid on McCain's part. It's impossible for Barack to be seen as more of the same, regardless how they try (being black sort of makes him obviously different from any other candidate ever).

    Meanwhile, it's reinforcing the "more of the same" meme.

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    Regardless of what polling says in Minnesota, Obama will win it. Garrison Keillor's "Homegrown Democrat" is a short, entertaining read that sort of explains why states like MN, WI and IA are progressive.

    They were never McCain states, but they are especially not his since he chose a far right VP.

    None of which is to say you're wrong about the poll coming up. But the poll would have to have McCain up more than 10 before I'd begin to even THINK the state is contested.  

    Another indication it isn't competitive is that Pawlenty wasn't picked. My guess is that McCain had polling that showed he'd still lose the state even with the Republican Gov. (And btw, WI had Tommy Thompson for a Gov...but GOP politicians succesful statewide in these states are NOT conservatives...Tommy T championed health care for example).

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    SC is over 1/3rd African American if I'm not mistaken. Sure I think you've made smart bets with GA and SC, but we've never had an African American candidate, we just don't know what will happen.

    Consider if you have record African American turnout, blacks lined up for blocks at polling stations...conservative whites might not be comfortable even voting.

    And MT and ND are fairly competitive. I certainly wouldn't write them off. Cheap to compete. Barr is on the ballot in MT. ND is somewhat progressive (nothing like MN though).

    You can say I told you so about the 50 state strategy when it fails, but so far the map has been greatly expanded.

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    I try to respond, sorry if I haven't in the past.

    I agree with everything you say.

    Ohio new registrations and organizational advantages Dems should have there thanks to the primary I'm hoping will carry the day.


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