Was A Former Clinton Appointee Involved In The Passport Breach On Obama?

From the Huffinton Report comes a story that Ms. Maura Harty who is a State Department Official in charge during two of the breaches was an Ambassador Under Clinton.

This is something that I am sure will be looked into at the State Department.  It is very strange that a former Clinton appointee would be connected to this story.  What are the chances?  

"Harty was a consular affairs chief until the end of last month when she retired from foreign service work. Before her stint as the assistant secretary of state of consular affairs, Hardy was an ambassador to Paraguay under President Bill Clinton," MSNBC reported."

"Harty served as Clinton's ambassador to Paraguay from 1997-1999."

"Harty began serving as U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs in November 2002."

"Her bio via Wikipedia"

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/03/21 /maura-harty-state-depart_n_92693.html

UPDATE: I don't think this woman was involved, as far as I know.

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My Thoughts On Obama and Rev Wright

It amazes me that people are so outraged that a black minister is black.  Rev Wright is the pastor of an AA church who preaches to AAs.  Why would it not focus and talk about the racism that is out there against AAs.  Duh!  Does anybody believe that racism is dead?  Where are AAs going to talk about racism in America?  In pool halls?  At community centers?  It has been a long standing tradition that AAs would talk about racism in the church.  Any black church that Obama would attend would still talk about racism.  Did Rev Wright go over the top on his "God Damn America" quote?  I myself think not.  I think that America as a whole has a lot to live up to in their treatment of AAs.  If I was an AA living with how the Bush administration has treated black America, I would be saying "God Damn America" every day.  Do people have such short memories of how AAs were treated during Katrina?  Do people have such short memories of how people of color were treated after 9/11?  

I wonder how white America could be so outraged that a black man would talk racist.  I hear racist comments on Fox TV, CBS, and other media outlets all the time.  I have heard racist comments from white preachers.  Where is the outrage on them?  A black man has a rant on America, and how AAs are treated, and it is horrible.  What a double standard we live in America.  I say "God Damn America."

I read the sermon titled "Audacity of Hope" by Rev Wright, and it is clear to me that he has hope that white America would change and quit treating AAs like the invisible people.

"God Damn America" I have never been so less proud of America as I have been today.

http://donklephant.com/2008/03/15/a-deep er-look-at-rev-jeremiah-wright/

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