• He ain't over until the fat lady sings.  She hasn't sang for Stevens yet.  

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    Janine is going to have a big Palin hangover after the election.  YUP!

  • This pipeline will most likely never get built because the contract to hire the company to build it was illegal.  I predict that the contract will be redone with a new Alaskan governor.

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    They say they will have video coverage, but I will believe it when I see it.  If she looked that bad after it happened the police would have made her go to the hospital and they would have taken DNA samples from her cheek to use against her assailant.  This has all the makings of something that looks to be made up.  Stay tuned.

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    I don't think Powell will endorse anyone.  He doesn't want to rock the boat.  He wants to have his cake and eat it too.  Why would he step into something that would cause him nothing but trouble either way?  I would be very surprised if he endorses.  My opinion only.

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    The economy being in the tank is helping Obama, but I also think that the democrats being in charge of the bailout helped Obama also.  If you remember McBush has been knocking the bailout real hard in the last day or so.  Obama has been real positive about the bailout, and it looks like it could be helping the economy.  McBush loses again.  Since the democrats have shown leadership on coming out with a new incentive for middle class this has also helped the stock market by giving voters a positive sign that with Obama and the democrats in charge things will only get better.  Nobody wants McBush and the repugs in charge.

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    I quit watching Fox unless it is forced on me.  If I do have to watch it I either laugh real hard or scream at the television.  I too wonder what world Fox lives in.  It is not the same world where I live.

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    We never had any money before the bailout.  I think it will be a good thing if the SEC has decided to do their job and regulate wallstreet.

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    Even Virginians know that old man McBush has judgement issues, which are too numerous to list.

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    I hope Selzer does another poll on Iowa so that we know what is really going on there.  Also, I don't buy old man McBush bein tied in PA.  

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    Are you in la la land by any chance??

  • So, you went and visited the whole state and saw that there were more McBush signs than Obama signs???  Maybe there was more McBush signe in your neighborhood becuase you live in repugville.

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    Obama should show old man McBush in front of some pedophiles staring at children with the announcer saying McBush does not want to protect your children from predators, and show McBush also leering at the kids with his tongue out.

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    Everybody needs to get Gov Palin out of their system.  I say the more we talk about her right now the more people will get sick of her.  In a week or so her novelty will have worn off.  I think that we should start next week talking about George Bush again, and saying how bad he is.  The more people hear about him the more they don't want the same party in power.  Let's start seeing those diaries about George W. Bush and linking him to old man McBush.  What do y'all say?  I am getting sick already of Gov Palin.  She is just a politician like all other politicians.  She is very, very conservative and very, very scary.  Even the former Mayor Koch is scared of her.

  • Gallup is way off from all the other polls.  Why do you think that is so?  Somebody ought to ask Gallup what their criteria is that they are using.  Has it changed recently.  Are they polling more repugs than they used too?  I have not seen any breakdowns from them.  I think that they are embarassed with their USA Today/Gallup poll and are trying to make their daily polls come up with the same result, so they are using flawed data in their polling.  That is my thought.  Why is CNN, and RAS showing ties??  Does anyone have an answer?  Maybe they changed their polling criteria after the repug convention to give old man McBush a bounce.


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