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    what is more pathetic...a diary about alegre or alegre?  seriously.  move on and ignore the woman.  her claim to fame was a freak accident.  she had 15 minutes and used it poorly.  she is looking for a second act...don't go there..PLEASE!

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    Ms. Obama is one of the biggest assets going for Obama.  There is NO feminist who will not be impressed by her.  She is a modern, strong, intelligent, self-made, woman.  Shit, she could be president.  Where in hell's name would you put Michele if Hillary is around?  Men will vote for Obama b/c of Michelle.  She will energize Hillary's holdouts.  

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    1) Only Hill and Bill will energize the Rep. base

    1. Bill will not, can not, be controlled
    2. Hillary's base will not vote for McCain

    Sure, there may be some lost votes for not having HRC as VP.  Yet, far more will vote for McCain if Hill and Bill are on the ticket and dialy news...daily.  News will concentrate on "where's Bill" rather than 100% on where's Obama.  Hillary, god bless her, can not, will not, play 2nd seat.  

    Hillary's campaign was run like crap.  Sure, she had a close second.  That would only be good if she was an under dog from the start.  Yet, she started with an immense lead.  So her close second was rather a losing of huge terrain.  Frankly, you don't want her, or her staff, anywhere near Obama's well oiled machine.  Shoot, Bill's staff didn't get along with Hill's staff.  And they love each other.  

    Obama is fine without the headache, the drama, and the personalities.  Horrible idea.  

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    I think Alegre was a unfortunate event for HRC.  Yes, she had energy.  Yet, she was divisive and drove people away.  There were some followers but I think many pro-HRC people rolled their eyes at her.  I wouldn't want her pushing her form of posts on Obama.  I don't think she moved the ball forward.  Only backward.  

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    in three days when she gets off her duff, no one will notice.  she missed her historic chance to open for a very historic moment.  she could have been a deserving part of history and not someone who wouldn't accept it.

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    She could have come out like gang busters.  Talking about how we have heard from all the voters and we have the most historical of moments.  We have had a spirited fight between a woman and a man of color.  Something we only see in movies which take place in 2056.  While she lost she is so proud of her party, her supporters, and most importantly the NEW DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE - OBAMA.  She could have talked about all the fantastic things he will do and detail their collective great moments during the campaign.  She could have talked about how lucky we are to have such a great candidate, and a unified organization against the republican party.  She could have sounded like a fantastic band opening up for the star attraction...Obama's soon to come speech.  She would have shut us all up and made us feel like asses for not trusting her motives.  Instead we got barely a nod.  

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    For months now they have been showing her to be the likely loser.  She has had far too long to adjust and arrive at this moment with grace and historical poise.  She has remained difiant and offered up a luke warm tone.  Obama, in his speech, was infinitely more complimentary and expansive when talking about Hillary.  The world was watching on Tues. night.  Instead she gave the Bronx cheer.  She lingered on her strengths, her perceived victories, and touted how she had more of the popular vote.  NOTHING new.  And frankly distorted.  This moment was not sprung on her.  It was well orchestrated and she chose to fumble.  Watch the two speeches, side by side, and you see why we are looking at this outcome.  As Hillary opined, the important question is "what does Hillary want?  What does Hillary want?"  

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    This is not context.  The panel was talking on CNN about HRC's speech.  They were all shocked about how she had just ignored the loss and was soldiering on.  A HRC surrogate emailed the panel and told them to chill b/c they didn't understand that it "was Hillary's night" since she had lost and they should be more understanding and let her leave in grace.  Jeffrey Toobin screamed "it's Hillary's Night!!!?"  He pointed out it was actually the victor's night and thus, the deranged narcissism comment.  

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    During HRC's speech it looked like she was taking out a very large gun and putting it to Obama's head.  "I've got 17 million votes and you will give me VP or else!"  I thought it was a little nutty, transparent, and alienating.  There is only one thing which will energize the McCain base....Hillary.  "Step away from the car" Obama.  

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  • Who said renounce?  Obama's speech was a glowing rendition of Hillary's better side and a "hug" to her supporters.  No one said to "renounce."  Maybe just act like a democrat and support the party's choice.  The one which won.  It wasn't a problem for Biden's, Richards, Dodd's, or Edwards' people.  What the heck?  

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    this time it's the MSM. Now can someone tell me why the MSM would back Obama?  Was it his 30 years of influence?  Was it his many years as the leader of the Dem Party?  Was it his ability to bring uber rich people together and broker deals?  Was it his deep connections after 8 years of leading the country?  No, Clintons had those things and Obama had pixy dust.  Yea, Obama was able to conspire to bring the media to their knees :-)  

  • Go look at McCain's speech tonight.  Then ask yourself, was Hillary right when she touted him over Obama?  I would be livid at any democratic candidate who was doing this.  I'm disgusted by any candidate who decides, win or lose, it must be them.  Hillary is pissing me off b/c this is the narrative she pushes.  Her approach is to divide and that has frankly has not been shared by any candidate, dem or rep, during this cycle.  It is an insult, to her followers. Tonight, McCain was more gracious to Hillary's supporters than Hillary was to Obama's.  Now there's a kick in the pants.

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    And I have never seen such a speech by the loser.  It was graceless and a punch in the eye to her supporters.  It left them w/o a salve.  It left them in a protracted battle which is over.  Her supporters are democrats.  Thus, they are not hers.  If she wants to give them to McCain...have at it.  It's sick.

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    I still have no good idea what that means.


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