Why I'm an Obamaton


99% of us did it.  The other 1% lied about it.  No, I'm not talking about peeing in the shower.  I'm talking about a history of taking on the role of trusty Clinton Apologists for 16 years with no other viable choice out there.  In 1992 it began with Flowers all the way to erasing the part of my cerebral hard drive which held that disbarment stuff.  HRC, true to form, has been spewing Tuzlian logic from the get-go.  It was put best by a die-hard Clinton supporter who, upon observing her tactics, stated "At the end of the day, all she had to do was open her mouth for me not to believe her...". Louis-Dreyfus'S plight, like ours, makes the Iranian Hostage Crisis look like a cake walk.

That is what is so powerful about Obama - me and my people have the chance to be FREE.  And we are not walking away or jogging away - we are sprinting!  No longer having to suffer their crap, their lies, their finger wagging, and their centralist pathetic policies.  This my friends is what Clintons and her imprisoned remains don't get - IT'S GREAT TO BE FREE!    

Accurately, many of us are Obamatons.  I lay awake, for hours, and ask myself "why do I love this guy enough to spend $70 on a poster of his?" Or, "why do I find talking to Mom so hard now I know she is pulling for Hillary?  NOT MOMMY!!!" I can't tell you it is all policy.  There is a "sliver" of difference between the two and yet, why would I sell my Hillary Supporting Mother to the Arabs to get 8 years of change? Why - Oh Why?!!!

Because I've been a hostage for 16 years in the house of Clinton.  I see the door has been left unguarded, I see the chain has been left off, I see the option, and I'm making an all out sprint for Obamaton Nation.  Shit, and I'll admit it, I'm screaming like a seven year old sissy as I run from the building.  And I'm not alone!!

And its all good.  If you are going to jump in someone's trusting arms, having desperately lept from the second floor window, you can't do better than Obama.  That crap about "he hasn't been vetted yet." That is just code for "let us look even deeper - this guy has to be lying about something.  There has to be a Tuzlian moment - I know it!!" Well, in a world of youtube, The googler, The Internets, and Pennian prostitutes, if you have not found it - it doesn't exist.  Hillary's efforts have hit rock bottom and she is digging.  Hence, we are looking at Weathermen who were active when Obama was 8 and in bed by 7PM.  

Many poor souls still suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome.  You could see it in those squinting eyes of George Stephanopoulos as he blurted out his derranged question "do you believe [Wright is] as patriotic as you are?" Poor George has become so unglued he is taking his talking points from Sean Hannity. You can see it in the screams for "more debates." Clinton, with her penchant for "sleep deprived" misteps, tells us the American People deserve to hear what the candidates stand for.  Oh yes, give us another hour on flag pins, Wright, Tuzla, Weathermen - dog crap!  If Clinton was going to be honest she would simply say "I'm playing for the fumble, the gaffe, the free advertising!" This, as a free man, I could respect.  In the alternative, if I was still a Clintonian Hostage suffering from the Stochholm Syndrom, I could believe 20 plust debates, 4 one on one, were just not enough.  

So tonight I sleep like a baby.  I know Obama is honest.  I know he is going to unite this country.  I know we are not going to suffer McCain/Bush.  I forgive and understand my dear Mama.  I know I don't have to apologize, every again, for Clinton(s).  And most importantly, I know why I'm a Obamaton - and I love it.


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Obamaton = member of the Obamanation

by CoyoteCreek 2008-04-27 08:31AM | 0 recs
I was a Clinton apologist but . . .

Although I was a Clinton apologist until January, Billary & Co. burned their bridges with me when they began trying to color-arouse the electorate against Black people.  

I once defended Clinton's IWR vote as a hideous but necessary feint to the right in order to prepare herself to beat the Republicans in 2008.  

Having made war on Iraq in order to facilitate her candidacy, now Clinton is also making war on the Black American electorate in order to facilitate her candidacy, as well as attacking MoveOn.

I wouldn't be surprised if Hillary pulls a modified Lieberman and runs on the Billary Party ticket in the fall.  She's burned toast to me now.  She carbonized toast, and I'm not eating.

by Manic Lawyer 2008-04-27 08:36AM | 0 recs
Re: Why I'm an Obamaton

Great look at your reasons for supporting Obama. Kudos to you, sir.

by ragekage 2008-04-27 08:43AM | 0 recs
Clinton apologist?

I had a hard time swallowing Bill's use of the death penalty to get to the presidency.  I lost any remaining respect for him after his lack of action on Rwanda.  I voted, like a good Democrat, for him in 1996 (had expected great things in 1992) but holding my nose.

Obama is not perfect but he learns, he learns the right lessons, and he articulates these in a way that reaches people.  That's more than we've seen in a long, long, time.

by mady 2008-04-27 08:46AM | 0 recs
You have two choices in this country

Moderate Democratic leadership or Republican leadership.

America hates the left.  If you haven't learned that, you're not paying attention.

by lombard 2008-04-27 10:20AM | 0 recs
Re: You have two choices in this country

Not talking about left or right here.  When governor Ryan (Republican) commuted the sentences on death row in Illinois he became one of my real heroes.  Rwanda was not a question of left and right, but of courage.  These are moral issues not spectrum issues.  Bill Clinton does not do well on them.

by mady 2008-04-27 04:35PM | 0 recs
Re: Why I'm an Obamaton

Free at last!

Very much how I feel

by wrb 2008-04-27 10:06AM | 0 recs
Give yourself some time

You'll find that you have to do quite of bit of rationalizing on behalf of Obama.

This attitude toward the Clintons is ridiculous.  The tough, smart, pragmatic Senator wife of the only successful Democratic president in recent history is being thrown under the bus for a weak neophyte embraced by a left possessed by romantic visions.

by lombard 2008-04-27 10:27AM | 0 recs
Yes, free yourself

Throw off the chains of the Clinton leadership and legacy and run out the door right into center square McCain City.  

Anyway, if you're looking for an inspiration or an escape, I would recommend following an artist, actor, or author.  The Presidential role is far too serious for an erratic trend like Barack Obama.  

by BPK80 2008-04-27 10:47AM | 0 recs


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