McCain: It was outdated policy and institutions not Bush who screwed us!

Tonight, McCain, in that piece-o-garbage speech, came up with a great reason why none of this is really Bush's fault. Knowing that he can't say "Bush is a colossal screw up" he instead blamed history.
The right change recognizes that many of the policies and institutions of our government have failed. They have failed to keep up with the challenges of our time, because many of these policies were designed for the problems and opportunities of the mid- to late 20th century, before the end of the Cold War, before the revolution in information technology and rise of the global economy.
Thus, according to McSame, Bush's problem was merely using old policies and institutions, inappropriately, in today's world. Shucks....Bush is a good guy he just misapplied the wrong ointment.
I guess when you have been following Bush with a voting record which agrees with the White House 95% of the time you can't say "Bush is a dumb ass and I'll be different." Nor can you say "Bush is great" when most of America thinks he is as bad as stinky milk. So what is a lap dog to do? Blame it on good old policies and institutions which no longer are designed for the challenges of our time. Now there's the ticket. Bush wasn't a bad president he just was using good old policies and institutions incorrectly during this new era. Pathetic. Poor John. If he was the maverick he wouldn't be an apologist. Rather, he would be saying "this fool has brought us to the brink of disastear. I wouldn't trust these guys with a free lunch. I'll be different." Instead he blames this shit storm on old "policies" and "institutions." Sounds like they were mere free floating particles and unattached to the worse president in history. I wonder if torture was one of these old "policies" or "institutions." I wonder if the freaky bad war was one of these old "policies" or "institutions." I wonder if this failure in energy policy and a push towards global warming was one of these old "policies" or "institutions." I wonder if the new invasion of privacy is one of these old "policies" or "institutions." I wonder if the housing crisis is one of these old "policies" or "institutions." On and on. As to McCain's speech: I thought the green background was bad. I thought the fact they only had 100 people in the room was bad. I thought the fact they filled it with people all older than McCain was bad. I thought that freaky smile was bad. Yet, the baddest of it all was this apologetic new spin. It wasn't Bush who screwed was outdated policy. Pleeeeeese!

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Re: McCain: It was outdated policy and institutio

Well, given the bad strategies he has employed so far this primary season such as changing positions more often than ties in order to pander to his base, this is, at least, novel approach.

It will be interesting to see if it works... that is, if people are really that naive...

by JenKinFLA 2008-06-04 03:18AM | 0 recs
Re: McCain: It was outdated policy and institutio

This is just another fake campaign issue from John InSane.

The real reason our country is in such bad shape is that our nation's trollops can't keep their cosmetics use within reasonable bounds.

by notxjack 2008-06-04 05:21AM | 0 recs


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