Remove Reid if Lieberman Remains

    I've about had it. The Democrats just won their second sweeping election in a row. In 2006, the anti-war, anti Bush message decapitated the GOP, sweeping them straight out of power in both houses of Congress. Not one, BOTH!! Two years later, we solidified the party's hold on Congress and kicked the GOP out of their most prized office, the Presidency.

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Bill Clinton is to Blame!!!

   Nothing like a little sour grapes to pour gas on a fire that was on it's way out. Hopefully I'm not the only one disgusted by the PUMA idiots who are increasing the humiliation of Elizabeth Edwards by keeping the news of tbe affair of her husband on the talk shows and the front pages for their own selfish, ass covering reasons.

   There's nothing like a good game of COVER YOUR ASS!! I don't think Wolfson is playing that (if this were Penn or Solis Doyle saying what he did, then I'd agree), but I think all the Clinton hero-worshippers; i.e. Alegre and her ilk and the other PUMA mental midgets are doing exactly that.

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Bill Courts OJ Jury, Area 51 Vote!! ill.clinton.mon/index.html

   Here we have it folks. The latest excuse from the Clinton campaign, coming from the Big Dog himself. It's not that Hillary has run a poor campaign, it's not that Obama beat her throughout red, blue and purple America. It's now a COVER UP that will stop Hillary from being the Democratic nominee.

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So much for no Coattails

   Hillary Clinton's win in West VA is a good win for her. Though I wonder now if the Clinton supporters will stop the bullshit argument that Obama victories in red states don't matter, as Hillary supporters are certainly offended at the notion that West VA is meaningless. I'm glad they don't like it so much, so hopefully that garbage won't be spouted any more.

  Now on to another Hillary argument made in recent days that has been clearly disproven. That is the argument that Obama would be a detriment to down ticket races, that Obama's ties to Jeremiah Wright will kill us in November and that Hillary is the stronger candidate for down ticket candidates.

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A Christian Minister Betrays His Faith!!

   We've seen similar diary titles before. But they usually involve the psycho right. A Christian Right minister resigning his position in a mega-church due to acts that contradict his faith (translation, I slept with another man). A conservative Catholic Archbishop proclaims that he won't give communion to pro-choice politicians, thereby violating several aspects of the Catholic Faith.

  Those are just two examples. Now, unfortunately, it has hit what could turn out to be a devastating hit to Barack Obama's hopes of securing the Presidential nomination. I am an outspoken (on this site and Dailykos) Obama supporter, for the record.

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Clinton wins PA and Obama wins Nomination

  First off, hats off to the Clinton campaign...solid win! Congratulations!!

  Now let's analyze the importance of this win tonite. Hillary Clinton will go on...that's a given. But just how much have her nomination, and White House hopes improved? The smart money is they have hardly improved at all. I know I know, Hillary wins big states....Hillary is our first stringer, blah blah...the arguments for why I belive all these arguments are misguided are below the fold

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I love a good dose of fear-mongering

   All over MyDD today are diaries and comments by Clintonites just FURIOUS at the negative campaign being waged by Barack Obama. Conveniently of course, they ignore the fact that their candidate, Hillary Clinton is running a campaign basically calling Obama a wimp. These Clintonites apparently think that's just fine, but are blowing a gasket over Obama daring to sharply attack Hillary.

  Now, however, the campaign of Hillary "3AM and I'll tell tales of being shot at" Clinton has reached a new low.

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Clinton's True MI position Finally Revealed

   I'm sorry Clintonites, I really am, but the true position of Hillary Rodham Clinton's on the MI problem has come out and, to torture a simple phrase, It ain't good!!

   The MI and FL questions are difficult ones to answer, not b/c of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, not b/c of the DNC, but but b/c of the arrogance of the state party officials. It's too bad really, b/c I initially agreed with them, that the DNC idolizing NH and IA was ridiculous. That said, the rules were set and agreed to, hence they must be followed. FL and MI knew that, and thumbed their noses at the DNC anyway. They deserve their punishment....which now leads us to what that punishment will be.

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Clinton Arguments! Convince me, please!!

    This is my first diary on MyDD. I've been a commenter for a couple of weeks now and, like most if not all of us, am extremely caught up in the Democratic Presidential primary contest b/w Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. I have some questions about those supporting Hillary Clinton that I would love to discuss with them in an honest, rational manner. The questions involve comments made to me about her campaign on this site as well as my own observations of the two campaigns. For what its worth, I posted diaries on Dkos as well, but my questions were largely met with silence by the Clinton supporters....months before many of them left the site. Just for the record, I was a John Edwards supporter, both in 2004 and 2008, and I voted for Obama in the boutique primary of MS after Edwards had dropped out.

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