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       gains traction, he'd better be ready. The GOP has no qualms about running dirty campaigns against Democratic candidates who were members of the military. The book about the Army/Navy rivalry does not cast Bucchianeri in the best of light. He needs to insulate himself now against whatever attacks on his honorable military service the GOP may cook up.

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       but definetly a virus, and remember, there is no cure for a virus!!
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       as he is a decent mayor, but also something of a grandstander. His grandstanding, I would argue, led directly to all the anti-gay statewide initiatives in 2004, that we now have to beat back either through the courts or electorally.

      All to promote his own career. Not a huge fan of Mayor Newsom. Though I think Villaraigosa should probably run for Mayor again in LA first, I would want him over Newsom any day.

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       how any loon can defend this man. He's a paranoid, sick bastard.
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       then that backstabbing, hypocritical coward will run for re-election and get absolutely obliterated by Blumenthal, or Lamont, or a local fisherman who's bored.

      Doesn't matter who. I want to see him run. I don't him "retiring" after a "distinguished" career. I want to see the same look on his face that we saw in August 06. Shock, anger, confusion, resentment. I want him out in the worst way...absolutely humiliated.

      Please run Joe!!

  •    It is not a valid reflection. For a site that gets hundreds of thousands of hits PER DAY, for a poll with 44 voters to be labeled THE POSITION of DAILYKOS is just absolutely ridiculous.

      Where do you come up with such nonsense? You don't even know if they are regular posters or simply barely members who happened to log in that day.

      It is absurd. Due respect, you haven't a clue what you are talking about...and your logic rivals that of Sarah Palin.

      Obama=8 years old
       Ayers=  Weather Underground
       Term=   Charity Board
       Result= Obama linked to Ayers and terrorism

      Votes in Dkos poll= 44
       Votes for Likud   = 35%
       Members of Dkos   = hundreds of thousands
       Result            = DKos is pro-Likud.

      Sarah Palin logic at its finest. Get some education or shut up.

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       but the number of votes in your poll...44............is about .000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000001% of the Dailykos community.

      and you're suggesting that a poll in which 44 people voted, means that the ENTIRE SITE is pro-Likud?


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        Do you owe Hillary money? Do you have a crush on her and hope to sleep with her? I mean, this diary is so pathetically absurd in its bitterness towards anyone who has ever spoken against Hillary, I simply had to ask.

      No one who was credible, thought Hillary would face a tough confirmation. No one!

      What has Richardson done to deserve such emnity? There has not even been an allegation of wrongdoing against him...why are you still bitter? Would Richardson's endorsement have somehow let Hillary come back from the dead, politically speaking? No!!

      The Obama elite club? Are we back to this nonsense? As if Hillary Clinton, a multi-millionaire former US Senator, former First Lady, current Secretary of State is simply a working gal fighting those damn blue bloods. Are we really back to that nonsense?

      Sounds like Sarah Palin logic to me.

  •    I'm sure the President appreciates the fact that you know more than he does about the job of his subordinates and how they conduct themselves.


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        I didn't realize that General Petraeus was under an obligation to define his expert advice based on election results.

       There is absolutely nothing wrong with him briefing the President and offering his advice and suggestions. He is not under any obligation to like what he hears.

       He is under an obligation to follow the orders of his commander-in-chief. Should he not do that, then this diary would be warranted.

       But it is not Petraeus' obligation to change his advice b/c of the political situation. If he truly believes that withdrawal is a disaster, he has an OBLIGATION to tell his boss that.

       Your diary is ill advised and, in all seriousness, a joke. It's not that Petraeus' disagrees with the President. It's that YOU DISAGREE WITH PETRAEUS. That's fine...but it doesn't warrant a rant like this. Calm down and let the President and his military men do their jobs.

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       that Tim Kaine comes from a state that DIRECTLY benefitted from that strategy. He's not from New York, or Connecticut, or California. He's not from the Democratic power states.

      Without that strategy, Jim Webb would almost certainly NOT be Senator today. We likely would not have won the 2 VA US House seats that we won. And Obama, likely, would not have carried Virginia in the general election.

      Kaine would be damn smart to embrace it. And it's good that we got a chairman who is NOT from the Democratic Power states (New York, MA, California or IL). those officials are often blind to the needs and possibilities in red states. Kaine is not.

  •    No I'm not. It's ridiculous that Lieberman was allowed to keep his chairmanship. He didn't investigate the war. He didn't even investigate the Katrina disaster. What has he done with the committee to deserve it? ESPECIALLY after the crap he's said and done?

      Keeping Lieberman in that committee does nothing to maximize our advantage. How would Lieberman be in deep shit with the Obama administration? He knows Senate Democrats will capitulate every time he complains about how unfair the world is.

      The coward Lieberman was saved by the cowards Reid and the Senate Democratic caucus. And they wonder why Democrats are called wimps. B/c they are. Goddamned spineless cowards.

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       not summer camp. Democrat should play the game to maximize their advantage. Lieberman remaining in that chairmanship undercuts everything. If Lieberman does abuse his position, Democrats can do nothing. Every time lieberman goes on television to bash his own party, it becomes a story, b/c we could've gotten rid of him and didn't.

      The Democrats in the Senate flat out said that they don't give a shit about someone telling lies and smearing not only their nominee for President, but a fellow member of the United States Senate.

      Lieberman clearly didn't believe in Senate collegiality (is that the right word?) when it came to Obama. Why the hell these goddamn spineless wimps in the party are using it to protect him is beyond me.

      And, just wait, within months, these Senators will be crying about being labeled wimpy by Republicans. They've earned it.

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       why they are called spineless cowards? This is why!!
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       I don't think we need to compromise the principles of the Democratic Party, and risk that a power hungry, backstabbing, Senator would abuse his chairmanship....just to appease the people of Connecticut.

      Sorry, but there are 50 states in this country. The constituencies of all matter. We shouldn't make a special exception for Lieberman, just to mollify the people of CT.


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