I love a good dose of fear-mongering

   All over MyDD today are diaries and comments by Clintonites just FURIOUS at the negative campaign being waged by Barack Obama. Conveniently of course, they ignore the fact that their candidate, Hillary Clinton is running a campaign basically calling Obama a wimp. These Clintonites apparently think that's just fine, but are blowing a gasket over Obama daring to sharply attack Hillary.

  Now, however, the campaign of Hillary "3AM and I'll tell tales of being shot at" Clinton has reached a new low.

  For those of you who haven't seen it, and for those of you who would rather be selectively blind, Hillary Clinton's campaign has put out an ad that features Osama Bin Laden and images of the Pearl Harbor attacks.

   You can view the ad here...http://www.hillaryclinton.com/?splash=1

   What's even more shocking is a report on CNN, linked here...Clinton uses Pearl Harbor, bin Laden images in new ad

   states that a Clinton advisor is actually claiming the ad is positive. An ad that argues against a candidate by featuring footage of Pearl Harbor AND the the terrorist behind the most devastating attack on US Soil in it's history is a POSITIVE AD??

   Hillary claims that only Obama is using Republican tactics? Give me a break! This ad only proves that Hillary Clinton is a bigger coward than anyone gives her credit for. She can't win the election on her own, so now she's using the image of a terrorist that attacked her COUNTRY (her own state mind you) and trying to get a political gain from it. This is absolutely reprehensible and should make all decent people vomit!

   This is what Hillary Clinton has sunk to? Using Osama Bin Laden to try and scare her way into the White House? I guess she learned a few tricks from hometown mayor Rudy Guiliani. Fortunately for the country, they didn't work for him. I pray that they don't work here.

   The ad also shows an image of a gas pump with a NO GAS sign hanging on it. Dare I suggest that her vote for the Iraq War that led to the gas price explosion is one reason we may see such signs on our gas pumps again?

   When Bush used images of 9/11 in his election ads, the Democratic bloggers responded in anger and unity. When Tom Daschle's patriotism was questioned by someone who had never served in the military, and questioned with the images of terrorists, we were united in our response to such nonsense. Now Hillary is resorting to the same tactics, not against the GOP (not that I would approve then either, but they brought it on themselves), but against one of our own. A member of our own party and she's equating him with Osama Bin Laden and the Japanese at Pearl Harbor.

  I guess she hasn't gotten past the tactics of her old friends and opponents...do these names sound familiar:

   Joe Lieberman
    Zell Miller
    John Thune
    George W. Bush
    Rick Santorum
    George Allen
    Saxby Chambliss

   In case anyone needs reminding, all of these men listed above have done the same thing Hillary is doing now, using terrorists to try and win an election. Zell Miller's hate filled speech against John Kerry is well known. John Thune's statement that Daschle was more concerned with terrorist rights than citizen protection are well documented. We all saw what Chambliss did in 2002 to Max Cleland that featured....guess who...Osama Bin Laden. Rick Santorum and George Allen also linked their opponents to terrorists in a desperate attempt to save their jobs.

   This tactic of Hillary's, aside from being silly, is simply disgusting. As I recall, Hillary whined when the media went after her for the Bosnia nonsense. Apparently no one pointed out to her that Presidents are often sleep deprived...if that's how she acts when sleep deprived, then perhaps we should just let her keep a job that lets her sleep. She couldn't lie her way in (Bosnia) she couldn't win her way in (all those states she lost), she can't spin her way in (battleground states, boutique states, etc..) so now she's trying to scare her way in. Just great!! She's doing exactly what Bin Laden wants, using his image to frighten the American people. To get them to break their decisions and base them on one thing...fear of him and his organization. Hillary is helping him win that battle. That alone should disqualify her in the eyes of voters from being President. She's saying you shouldn't be angry at Bin Laden, we shouldn't be united as a people against this man, we should be SCARED of him, we should be FRIGHTENED and elect her to fight him.

   This is proof of two things...Hillary Clinton is a coward and she wants power at any cost. If you weren't convinced of that when Bill Clinton went on the Rush Limbaugh program (the same man that called his daughter a dog and his wife a murderer), then this should do it. She can't beat Obama at the ballot box (or in the delegate count) so now she's attempting to scare America into letting her back in the White House. The EXACT same thing that George W. Bush did in 2004.

  I really hope that the bullshit that certain bloggers are posting, that only Obama is using GOP attacks, it's Obama that taking the low road, comes to a stop. Obama isn't using an enemy of the United States as propaganda tool for his White House bid. Only one Democratic candidate is doing that. Her name is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  And what gets me even more, is her campaign spokesman (in the article linked above) has gamely insisted that the ad is a POSITIVE AD. There is NOTHING positive about using an enemy of the United States to trash a fellow American just so you can have the power of the Presidency. What is positive about that?

  I'll say it again, this proves two things. # 1 Hillary Clinton is using GOP tactics to get what she couldn't get at the ballot box. #2, she will sell out anything or anyone, principles (Iraq War, trade, MI and FL) or people (in this case Barack Obama) to gain her power.

   These are the actions of a coward. It's sad that Hillary Clinton has proven that the GOP is not the only party in which cowards run for President.

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by southernman 2008-04-21 04:30PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

her ad was fearmongering?  I thought it was a nice history lesson and a reminder that being president is not a cake walk.

by colebiancardi 2008-04-21 04:32PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

   There are plenty of ways to do that w/out using the images of terrorists in your ad...terrorists that attacked the country that you wish to lead.

  That's cowardly. Especially since she did her own part to make sure we lost focus on that terrorist by approving an invasion of a country that had nothing to do with him.

by southernman 2008-04-21 04:34PM | 0 recs
maybe a

karl rove history lesson

by citizendave 2008-04-21 04:34PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering
I suggest you wake up, and walk around outside of this site. Let me tell you, alot of these vicious attacks we make on her everday is due to that first 3 am commercial and Bill's South Carolina comment. The 3am add is pure RNC tactic. She did it out of desperation. A true American politician would be the better one and not go there, but no she chose plan b.
by GeorgeP922 2008-04-21 04:35PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

"a reminder that being President is not a cakewalk"....?  I realize we are railing against the "intellectual elites" of late, but how dense does she think people are exactly....?

by JenKinFLA 2008-04-21 04:49PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

I am an all-out Obama voter, and I saw nothing wrong with the ad. It did not EQUATE or ASSOCIATE Obama with bin Laden, which is what GOP ads do.

It was a tasteful "in these difficult times" ad. And it reminded that OBL is still out there (it was, like a half-second shot) a tacit dig at W.

I have been criticizing Hillary harshly for what I see as gutter politics. This ad, however, was all fair game.

by rhetoricus 2008-04-21 08:25PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

There is nothing the Clinton campaign does that suprises me anymore.  She knows she lost so she is going to take Obama down with her.  

by clintonmccain 2008-04-21 04:46PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

Who are you kidding. Obama has been negative campaigning since last September.

In every one his rallys Obama questioned Hillary's integrity. He said many times that she can not be trusted. He said her foreign policy experience consisted of having tea at the foreign embassies.

I am glad that I do not get my news from Tweety,  Ogerman or Mika.

by indydem99 2008-04-21 05:00PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

   I'm not claiming that Obama hasn't gone negative...I'm just ridiculing the suggestion that he's the only one who has. That's nonsense...and this pathetic and disgusting ad only highlights the fact.

  It also highlights the arrogance of Clinton...that using Osama Bin Laden doesn't matter, the ad is still "positive."

  A positive ad includes images of the man that delivered the most devastating attack in our country's history? Absolutely unbelievable.

by southernman 2008-04-21 05:10PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

Hillary never promised new kind of politics where as obama has.

by indydem99 2008-04-21 05:17PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

   So he's not supposed to defend himself? LOL...I love it.
by southernman 2008-04-21 05:18PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

I do not have any problem with that. It is Obama and his supporters who have been whining. My god the whining after the last debate! I thought it would never end.

by indydem99 2008-04-21 05:25PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

   Just like hillary and Bill when Bosnia came out? Or when she complained that she always got the first question.

  That didn't bother you at all right? Imagine my surprise! Once again, it's ok for Hillary, but not for everyone else! Typical, and stupid!!

by southernman 2008-04-21 05:28PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

They beat her up for 20 debates while offering a pillow to home. Funny he could not handle tough questioning in just one debate.

by indydem99 2008-04-21 05:36PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

   I didn't realize that getting the first question meant she was getting beat up (remember that was her complaint).

  Perhaps they should've let Clinton walk onto the stage 10 mins in.

by southernman 2008-04-21 05:56PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

Don't pretend as though you were not aware that she was at the receiving end of the toughest questions in 20 debates. Obama was coddled by the MSM.  

by indydem99 2008-04-22 06:05AM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

   Oh please! Hillary's questions were not that difficult, she simply got more attention b/c she was the front runner. Complaining that she always got the first question? She was simply playing the victim card b/c the race and sexism cards sure as hell didn't work.

  Not to mention she was the one making the stupid moves early...planting questions...leaving immigration supporters out to dry, refusing to apologize for Iraq war vote, etc..

  You guys whined and bitched like 6 year olds who had their Halloween candy stolen.

  Y'all have so many excuses for why Clinton has done so poorly, yet you still claim she's the first string team and Obama is some neophyte.

  The neophyte beat the machine at their own game. Sounds to me like he'd be a damn tough candidate in November...whereas Hillary had every advantage and blew it.

by southernman 2008-04-22 11:19AM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

Oh, how I wish Bill Clinton has used another word...  in his next press junket, if he uses the word Sufleupagus instead of, say, whining, will we see Snuffleupagus wall to wall on mydd for the following days as well...?

by JenKinFLA 2008-04-21 05:32PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

I'm not sure what whining you're referring to. Obama didn't complain that the questions were hard or unfair, he just said they were trivial.

by jdusek 2008-04-21 07:00PM | 0 recs
No, it's obvious now that she is promising

the same old Bush/Rove style of fear-mongering politics.  Obama has never used fear, he leaves it to the Republicans like McSame...and now Hillary.

by GFORD 2008-04-21 10:06PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

I think Obama's statements about Hillary's experience are fair game, as her statements about his have for the most part been. (Though her saying he's never done anything in his life but a speech while she's somehow had "35 years" of experience was at least as silly as the "tea" comment.)

I saw nothing wrong with the ad. It did not associate Obama with OBL. It did not say "If you vote for Obama, we'll get hit" or any such BS that the GOP has thrown out.

by rhetoricus 2008-04-21 08:29PM | 0 recs
southernman is right.

It didn't associate those things with Obama but what it did do was say 'You better vote for me because there are so many things to be afraid of out there'.  Fear-mongering, plain and simple.

by GFORD 2008-04-21 10:08PM | 0 recs
Re: southernman is right.

I just didn't see it as fear-mongering on the level the GOP does. It was an "experience" argument, not a "this candidate will bring on the terrorists" argument, which is what the GOP does.

If you've read my rants, you know I'm no fan of many of Hillary's tactics, but I don't think this ranged into the unfair like so many of the others.

Just my opinion.

by rhetoricus 2008-04-21 10:52PM | 0 recs
I'll give you that.

But it dances dangerously close to a message of fear, fear, fear.  She's suggesting that we should be afraid of change, afraid of trying something (someone?) new because we live in a scary world and there are all those scary things out there and we should cling to the person we are more familiar with.

Don't we read a similar message from the Hillary talking points here on this site?  Hillary will solve our problems but Obama, what do we really know about him?  That kind of thing.

by GFORD 2008-04-21 11:05PM | 0 recs
Clinton has nothing but Fear Itself

by Lefty Coaster 2008-04-21 05:00PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

LOL - You're just angry because obama CAN"T run a commercial like this and get away with it. The idea of Obama in office when a disaster strikes, after eight years of Bush and disasters, would probably ruin his campaign over night.

There is no fearmongering - just the simple point that emergencies happen. and do you want some lightweight who's had less than four years FULL TIME legislative experience when he announced for the presidency, no exposure to executive function, and whose idea of foreign policy is based on his experiences as a preteen in Indonesia? LOL

Obama has very few accomplishments to his name that weren't given to him. He doesn't know how to get stuff done and so he doesn't get stuff done. He knows how to stir people up and run campaigns - that's about it. He got out of law school, went to work for a medium sized law firm and promptly did nothing of note. He assisted on a few cases but didn't lead. He didn't win any precedent setting cases. He didn't write any legal briefs that changed legal thinking. He didn't lead any significant community efforts on behalf of those with less than him. He got into the Illinois legislature and despite his claims of post-partisan genius, he did nothing whatsoever for five whole years - until the legislature and the governorship came into Democratic hands. Then he was given some legislation by Emil Jones and voila! a career was born. He got into the US senate and has a couple decent bi-partisan accomplishments but nothing extraordinary.

Clinton has every right to point out that you want a president who knows their stuff and thinks fast on their feet - and I think most people would agree, that's not Obama.

by Little Otter 2008-04-21 05:25PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

    Clinton has no experience in emergency management, foreign policy or military leadership.

   Nice try! She's just as light as Obama on that side of the resume.

by southernman 2008-04-21 05:26PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

There is no fearmongering says you... and yet you invoke Obama responding to a crisis with Bush and co...?  What is that supposed to be if not fear mongering...?

And I doubt you have any idea what most people would agree on...

by JenKinFLA 2008-04-21 05:35PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

Yeah, as Little Otter says, It's hard to duck sniper fire at 3AM while wearing pearls?

Or something else about Hillary's crisis military bonifides...I can't make it out, because like MOST of the Clinton arguments, there is very little PROOF of all her experience, but a lot of argument how it's superior to Obamas....

Oh and Little Otter, ending any arguement with

"and I think most people would agree.." usually shows your arguement is highly debatable, and you're trying to "close the sale" a little too hard...

by WashStateBlue 2008-04-21 05:49PM | 0 recs
Re: I love a good dose of fear-mongering

I saw nothing wrong with the ad.

That said, this is an utterly ridiculous comment. Obama has been in public service a very long time, and eight years in the IL legislature before DC. I think that's at least as valuable as being First Lady. (Or do you think Laura is also qualified to run for president?)

Either president would have a full and qualified cabinet. If Obama is the nominee, he'll probably have Webb or some other foreign policy expert as VP. They will never be acting alone.

Your candidate-bashing is so over the top.

by rhetoricus 2008-04-21 08:34PM | 0 recs


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