Obama - the manchurian candidate?

we all know that obama spent his youth learning the ways of islam in an indonesian madrassa.  while in college he visited pakistan but there are few details..

What happened while he was there?  Was he a radical muslim from childhood and did his visit to pakistan consummate his place in life as a honorary member of the global jihad against western society?

lots of questions.. his middle name, Hussein, might be a clue..

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Stand down, Hillary

Hi Hillary, did I get your attention?   I feel like you're making a big mistake participating in the Indiana & North Carolina primaries and it will be your undoing in the general election.     Should I explain why?  Okay, follow me below.

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[BREAKING] PA Polls Tighten!

Just saw this on drudgereport,

RASMUSSEN POLL: Clinton Lead Shrinking in PA; Clinton 47% Obama 42%... Developing...

Just a few weeks ago Hillary was leading in PA by 20 points.. a blowout that she desperately needs to stay competitive in the delegate race.

IIRC the "leaked spreadsheet" from Team Obama showed Hillary winning the state 53-47 (and its been very accurate so far.)       A 6 point win would be a total disaster for her and a modest loss for Obama.   Ultimately it doesn't matter to Hillary because her long term plan seems to be a war in denver this august, check out the video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJ3Gyum44 34

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