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    I went to the house party in my neighborhood.  It reminded me of the first Obama meeting in March 2007.  It was heavy on ideals and light on connecting the ideals to action.  Lots of people were for health care.  I don't think anyone spoke against it.  But there was no call to action or any kind of thought about how to achieve the ideal.  Maybe that's for the next meeting.

    The first few Obama meeting in 07 were frustrating, but the goals were very clear: 1) win a majority of delegates to the Convention; 2) win the general election.

    Now the goals are not quite as clear and the methods of getting there are less clear.  I'm not quite as hopeful that this effort will bare fruit, but I'm willing to go a few rounds with them.

  • Republicans have exactly two ways to have any effect on policy in the next two years.  One is to come up with good ideas.  I am one who believes that a good idea can come from any source.  

    The second way is through the filibuster.  To replace a Democrat with a Republican makes the filibuster threat much more credible.

    Another Republican in the Senate is a disaster.

  • Sorry, Microsoft was completely ruthless in killing innovation.  Unlike Apple, Microsoft has never innovated unless forced into it.  There was no innovation in browsers until Netscape.  Once Netscape was squished, there was no innovation until Firefox.  Once Office wiped out all the competition, there was essentially nothing new in that arena.  

    All of Microsoft creativity goes into their marketing--none into their products.  

    Having said that, having Bill Gates as Ed Secretary would be quite a statement about Education.  And if he doesn't bring innovation, he will bring a ruthlessness that we might need there.  I'm not sure how I feel about it.

    But I know how I feel about what MS did during the Bill Gates era.

  • Please, sir.  Can we have Lady Rothschild campaign for John McCain in my community?  Would do me wife a world of good to go'n hear that Obama is elitest from the likes o'her.

  • If you have not seen Amelie, a charming French film, I urge you to see it.  Or in the alternative, you can watch Sarah Palin's campaign for President.

    The only thing about Palin is that, though she is cute and naive, she is far from innocent.  She can weave a little tale that may seem harmless (ok, so the plane wasn't sold on Ebay, but it's still a cute line).

    I think that Sarah Palin as Amelie would make a very nice movie.  All of the self-important, highly educated scholars who advise the President would be out.  All of the scruffy moose hunters from Alaska would be in.

    They would face some terrible crisis in Central Asia or the Middle East and the scruffy moose hunters would find some completely bizarre solution that confounds America's enemies and saves the world.  We then get all the oil that we need.

    Isn't that a nice story?  I hope someone makes the movie.

    Now, please call your local Obama campaign office and volunteer to call or walk beginning tomorrow. On the screen its a comedy.  In real life it's a disaster.

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    How is it possible that this woman has re-started the election.  But for her, McCain was done.  Now he has a genuine chance.  And if he wins, he knows that she will have to play an important part in his administration.

    What has America become?  How did we sink so low?  

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    Does Carly have standing to criticize someone's executive experience?

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    McCain has opinions.  Obama has ideas.  Obama is 1000 more thoughtful than McCain.  I love the idea of a President who can think.

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    There are too many unknown facts to say who is to blame at this point.  But it is a question that needs to be answered in the weeks and months to come.

    In the Middle East when some crazy guy listens to an extremist and then becomes a suicide bomber, we tend to focus our attention on the extremist who inspired the action.

    So I want to know who Johnson listened to on TV and radio.  I want to know who he read (presuming that he read).  If this was in fact a political assassination, I want to know who inspired it.

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    Dear Democratic Senator:

    I know that you are concerned about having enough funds to not only assure your re-election, but to discourage the recruitment of a top tier candidate to run against you.  I also know that raising money is hard.  If you liked raising it, you are probably in the wrong business.

    However, there is a greater current threat than your own re-election: the threat that you will spend the next two years picking your nose (if you will forgive me for being vulgar).  

    Unless Democrats win 60 seats in the Senate to win cloture votes, Republicans will have the
    ability to stop all legislation.  With 60 votes in the Senate, we can get the health care reform we need; we can get a sane energy policy; we can get some fiscal responsibility; we can do a great deal to undo the damage of the Republican's reign.

    I don't need to recite the opportunities because you know what they are.  What we most need in the Senate right now is for all the Democrats to commit themselves to pouring their resources into getting the 60 vote majority.  Opportunities like this don't come every day, and you have very little time to make a difference.

    Please, get off your wallet and lets get this job done.  The grass roots will get the work done--you get the money together.

    Thank you.

  • There are a couple of areas of the country where McCain is doing extremely well: Oklahoma (+32); Kentucky (+21); Kansas (+23); Utah (+19).

    Of course there are some large states where Obama is doing well: California (+15); New York (+20); Illinois (+17).

    When we see a shift in California (for example) of +20 to +15, it makes a big difference in the national average, but Obama is going to win Califoria no matter what.

    I think that the national polls are essentially useless.  It's like watching a baseball game and only paying attention to the number of walks.  Issuing too many walks will be harmful to a team's chances, but that is not how the game is scored.

    We can like it or not like it, but all that matters is the electoral college.  And I think Obama is looking like a 300+ candidate there.

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    And I would like Romney to be the VP candidate with McCain. How great would it be to have McCain, the most celebrated flip-flopper of this century, select a man for VP who he attacked so viciously during the primary?  

    Romney, of course, needs no help in looking ridiculous.  I think it would only take a few days before we see books like "Seamas: The Whole Stinkin' Story" or "My sons in Iraq? That's like a joke, right?"

    Romney has a following and could quell the fears of the Club for Growth types.  But the baggage...omg.

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    My favorite of the week was Nancy Reagan's endorsement.  Talk about damning with faint praise.  McCain couldn't wait to get the hell out of there.  Nancy looked almost completely vacant.

    I nominate it for the most pathetic moment of the week for McCain.  But I concede, there are lots of good contenders.

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    In politics, time is divided into 24 month segments.  

    For 19 of the 24 months you may:

    For 5 of the 24 months you must play nice.

    We are in that 5 month period right now.

  • This is exactly the point of the 50 state strategy.

    If Mississippi and Georgia are really in play this election is SO over.  The reverse is also true.  If California or New York are in play, McCain will be the next President.

    How big is the map?  Which states are battleground states?  That is the issue.  My read (good today only) is that Obama is set up for a 1932 style win.


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