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I wanted to let everyone know that you can get Congressman Patrick Murphy's book on via a pre-order. I already ordered mine and I can't wait to get it in the mail. The link is -Baghdad-Congress/dp/0805086951/ref=pd_b bs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1202 313991&sr=8-1

The book is a moving and inspiring memoir from the first Iraq war veteran to be elected to the United States Congress Congressman Patrick J. Murphy, the Irish American son of a Philadelphia policeman and a former nun who raised their family in a tough-but-loving blue-collar neighborhood, grew out of a scrappy childhood to become a community college student and then-quickly-army officer, lawyer, and the youngest professor at West Point. He served in Iraq as a captain in the elite 82nd Airborne 'All-Americans' where he earned a Bronze Star for service, and successfully prosecuted one of Muqtada al-Sadr's top lieutenants. Returning from Iraq with a determination to help change the direction of this country, Murphy, a political novice, ran an inspirational grassroots campaign against a popular Republican incumbent while being outspent by more than $2 million. Told with passion and candor, Taking the Hill is a powerful and moving tale of love for family and the belief that the American dream is still within reach. More than anything, Murphy's life demonstrates the joys and necessity of serving others, whether that means one's family or students, community or fellow soldiers, or one's nation.

Some reviews of it are:

"From Bosnia to Baghdad to the Kerry campaign and Murphy family's dinner table in the working neighborhoods of Pennsylvania, the pages of Taking the Hill overflow with hair-raising adventures, thoughtful observations, and a story of service, sacrifice, and good old fashioned courage. Accomplished as a professor, paratrooper, and now a public servant--Patrick Murphy is an American original with a voice we'll be hearing for decades to come."--John Kerry

"Taking the Hill shows us why Patrick Murphy is one of the brightest stars in the next generation of American leaders.  With characteristic passion and candor, Murphy gives us a powerful indictment of the Bush administration's failures in Iraq. And his inspiring life's story offers hope to all who have the courage and determination to reach for the American Dream."--Barack Obama

"Political observers have buzzed about Patrick Murphy as the only member of Congress to have served in Iraq.  Yet in these pages, he thinks of himself as the son of a cop and legal secretary whose best friend works for Budweiser.  And therein lies the lesson he offers in this account of his meteoric political rise. This is a story of humility, honesty, and honor which will serve the politician and non-politician well."--Michael Smerconish, radio host, columnist and author

"A magnificent journey of conscience, hope, courage, and American spirit...and a blisteringly great and unusually fun read. In these days of raw cynicism toward politicians, Patrick Murphy's route from blue collar Philadelphia, to the trenches  of Baghdad, to the halls of Congress, is a needed reminder that some  politicians are forged by fire, principle, and ideals."--Brian Haig, author of Man in the Middle

"My hero Winston Churchill said that "Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees all the others." Congressman Murphy, a soldier-politician of this new century, is the living proof of that. As a Philadelphia guy myself, I take great pride in Pat Murphy and got a wild kick reading about his exciting young life. Like him I grew up in Northeast Philly and spent so much of my time in nearby Bucks County. I can't believe how much this young fellow has done - lawyer, prosecutor, paratrooper, national legislator. This guy was born airborne."--Chris Matthews, Host of MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews and NBC's The Chris Matthews Show

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Murphy is my congressman

He is a great guy and an early Obama supporter.

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