Say Hello to Oregon's District Delegates

The following is a preview of Oregon's delegates who were recently selected to attend the National Convention (excluding state-level delegates whose results are not posted yet).  More information is available by going to:  Delegates are listed below by District and Candidate whom they support.  Crossposted from Daily Kos ( 122757/648/415/540647)

The following are the district-level delegates elected to attend the Democratic Convention in Denver this August.

Delegates are listed by district and candidate, along with the candidate they were elected to support (although obviously all, or nearly all, of the HRC delegates will actually vote for Obama in Denver).  Alternate delegates are indicated with a .  

DPO=Democratic Party of Oregon.

A map of Oregon's Districts is here: trictMaps/CongMaps/statecong.pdf

Superdelegates (All Obama):

Governor Ted Kulongoski
Senator Ron Wyden
Rep. Earl Blumenauer (OR)
Rep. Peter DeFazio (OR)
Rep. David Wu (OR)
Rep. Darlene Hooley
SOS Bill Bradbury
DNC Jenny Greenleaf (OR)
DNC Meredith Woods-Smith (OR)
DNC Wayne Kinney (OR)
DNC Gail Rasmussen (OR)
DNC Frank Dixon (OR)
Oregon's Add-on Delegate is former Governor, and awesome progressive Barbara Roberts for the second time in a row (at least).

District 1:


Political Activist-Susan Castner
Multnomah County and State Party Leader-Moses Ross
Political Activist and former Novick supporter-Hallie Travis


State Rep.-Larry Galizio
Latino Outreach Person Extraordinaire-Elizabeth Lopez
Washington County D's Finance Chair and Public Education Activist-Karen Packer
Political Activist, Intel Engineer and Former McGovern Field Worker-Steve Packer
Student Activist (and the youngest delegate in the state at the age of 19)-Andrew Simon

District 2:


Political Activist-Milt Goldman
Retired Professional Fundraiser-Myra Silverman


Jackson County Party Chair-Paulie Brading
Jackson County Commissioner-David Gilmour
Party Activist-Sharon Marler*
Mega-Obamaniac-Matthew Sutton

District 3:


Longtime Oregon resident and super cool party activist-Mary Botkin
GLBT Activist-Laura Calvo
Retired Psychologist-Joseph Mazzara


Chair of the DPO's Faith Caucus-Enrique Arias
Former State Senator-Robert Boyer*
Political Activist-Susan Gates
Business and Employment Specialist-Shirley Minor
Party Fundraiser and Communications Specialist-Mac Pritchard
Future State Rep. and Founder of the Oregon Bus Project-Jefferson Smith
Chairperson, Nike Global Product Safety Team and Loaded Orygun Contributor-Stephanie Vardavas

District 4:


Deputy DA-Joan Demarest
Former ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) Manager-Loyd Henion
Political Consultant-Jon Pugsley


Real Estate Broker and Douglas County Party Chair-Dean Byers
Real Estate Broker-Sara Byers*
Student and Community Organizer-Matt Keating
Retired Special Agent, Dept Of Defense-Karen Lonon-Jones
Video Producer/Writer-Nancy Webber

District 5:


President, Astro Data Services-Harry Demarest
Political Activist-Michael Dye
DPO Leader-Judith Sugnet


Union Representative-Jeff Anderson*
Health Care Activist and Grad Student-Walter Dawson
Political Activist-D. Diane Wagner
Small Business Owner-Shirley Woods

Let me know what you think.

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