• Wow, what a great idea!!
    A "far right Democrat" and a LIFELONG Palinista - it's TROLL NIRVANA!
  • Hey, you got my vote, for what it's worth!

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    Well, if you look at exit polls, you'll see that if the over 65 voters had not turned out, Prop 8 would have been defeated.
    Nate Silver breaks it down:

    Certainly, the No on 8 folks might have done a better job of outreach to California's black and Latino communities. But the notion that Prop 8 passed because of the Obama turnout surge is silly. Exit polls suggest that first-time voters -- the vast majority of whom were driven to turn out by Obama (he won 83 percent [!] of their votes) -- voted against Prop 8 by a 62-38 margin. More experienced voters voted for the measure 56-44, however, providing for its passage.

    Now, it's true that if new voters had voted against Prop 8 at the same rates that they voted for Obama, the measure probably would have failed. But that does not mean that the new voters were harmful on balance -- they were helpful on balance. If California's electorate had been the same as it was in 2004, Prop 8 would have passed by a wider margin.

    Furthermore, it would be premature to say that new Latino and black voters were responsible for Prop 8's passage. Latinos aged 18-29 (not strictly the same as 'new' voters, but the closest available proxy) voted against Prop 8 by a 59-41 margin. These figures are not available for young black voters, but it would surprise me if their votes weren't fairly close to the 50-50 mark.


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    Julie, I read and rec'd this over at Dk earlier, but there were so many comments, I didn't get a chance to tell you how much I enjoyed it!
    Thanks for bringing it over here.
    I think this might be the first war I've ever been for in my lifetime.
    I guess I'll have to take my peace sign down.  :)
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    WTF does "splitting the baby" mean, anyway?
    Take away his prime committee chair and replace with something like Ambassador to Tibet or Nepal.
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    While I enjoy the comments here, we all know the diarist won't comment on his own diary, and is only doing it to get some (desperately needed) traffic on his own blog
    What I suggest is that when you see a Kosnomore or other troll diary show up on the list, write one of your own with the same subject matter and post immediately (only if the subject is worth discussing!), then we can comment and recommend your diary and leave ksn's to scroll off the list with no comments.
  • He's blog whoring, he wants us to go to his blog and drive up his traffic. Of course he has no traffic on his blog, so maybe you'll get a prize for being the first to post there!
    It's kind of like Nancy, who also diaries here, yet never comments, and also leaves links to her blog, which also gets no traffic.
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    Democratic turnout increased by 2.6% while Republican turnout  decreased by 1.3%.
    The state with the most depressed turnout?
    Alaska- down 14% from the 2004 election.
  • Joe will not get reelected next time, trust me.

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    Excuse me, Susie, where did he say that he was against NAFTA?

    Obama says he believes in "opening up a dialogue" with trading partners Canada and Mexico "and figuring to how we can make this work for all people."

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    That's done by the Senate and House leadership.
    If you're going to complain about how the government works, it might help to learn about how the government works.
  • If you're here to "contribute" to the discussion, why haven't you done so?
    The fact that taxes will go up is kind of understood when you have a president that is actually interested in balancing the budget and paying off our debt to China and other foreign countries.
    If you'll remember, Bush inherited a healthy economy with a budget surplus expected to last 10 years, and in the space of 8 years, he and the republicans managed to turn that into a trillion dollar deficit.
    You may try to paint the Dems with the "tax and spend" label, but a simple perusal of the facts shows that Dems are more fiscally conservative than republicans.
  • Judging from the uptick in trolls here, I would guess that their blogs are dying a quick death.
    They're like the Thing That Wouldn't Leave.

    The late John Belushi once starred on a "Saturday Night Live" sketch entitled, "The Thing That Wouldn't Leave." It ran only a couple of minutes, accompanied by an ominous narrator, like a trailer for a horror film. Belushi merely sits on the couch, acting rude and oblivious to his fretting hosts, and it's hilarious.

  • Now, spacey, if you really wanted troll free blogging, you wouldn't be posting here, would you?
    We need you here to help fight the Evil Hoard, so don't go anywhere!
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    Wow, you completely missed the point of the entire diary.
    Selective quoting also misdirects away from the point of the diary:

    I am glad he is getting a chance to do so.  You can agree or disagree with actions of the Weather Underground years ago, but for years now William Ayers has been an education advocate and beloved professor to many.  

    I hated the guilt by association game played, using Ayres, and also the smearing of all he has accomplished.  

    Since I am also someone who can be smeared the same way, I was particularly upset by all the McCarthyesque furor in the media, whipped up by the right.

    Thanks for your idiocy.


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