• All they need to do is have a revote in both states.
    A revote is legal and then the delegates get seated and everyone is happy.
    By the way, Obama was talking about getting the delegates of FL and MI seated back in September, or were you not aware of that?
  • Latest Rasmussen polls taken in Florida had Obama at 39% and Hillary at 55%.
    It looks better for Hillary right now.

    All that being said, we cannot seat the delegates as they currently are, because as the DNC has pointed out numerous times, that was an illegal primary.
    There will either be a revote in accordance with the rules set by the DNC or no delegates seated.

  • If she was playing by the rules, she would ask for a revote, which is in accordance with those rules and exactly what needs to happen in order to seat MI and FL's delegates.

    See how that works?

  • Why do Obama supporters think pushing this right wing meme helps Obama? I've seen it on at least 2 diary titles on DKos.
    Or is this more of the "Everyone is racist except Obama" to garner sympathy?
    They don't really think Clinton said it...do they?
  • Unfortunately, the "data" provided shows no such thing.
    It's nothing but second guessing the motives of Republicans who voted for Hillary.
    Using self identified "conservatives" or "moderates" in exit polls and assuming they are Republicans when those people could very well be Democrats (it is after all, a Democratic primary) simply does not prove your point.
  • comment on a post A Cancer on the Democratic Party over 6 years ago

    Let's see, the Canadian PM's chief of staff leaks a memo about Obama staffers meeting with Canadian officials. the proverbial shit hits the fan and Canada then throws out some mud saying that Clinton did it too- with no evidence and which the Clinton campaign flatly denies.

    The photo posted on Drudge's site originated here:
    http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news /1975275/posts?page=151,50

    not from the Clinton campaign. Drudge has even admitted it came from Free Republic.

    The photo-gate turned out to be another false story, hysterically promoted by people who have no knowledge of taking video off the TV, converting to You Tube, then converting into a photograph.

    Obama has accused Hillary of being Bush Cheney lite, being compared to Ken Starr shouldn't bother his supporters so much.

    As for throwing the Democratic party under the bus, all I can say is that people must have very shoddy memories of past Democratic primaries.

  • comment on a post Rush Limbaugh won Texas, not Hillary over 6 years ago
    There is no evidence that Limbaugh supporters won Texas for Hillary, beyond a lot of speculation by Obama supporters.
    By the way, a lot of Democrats in Texas identify themselves as moderate or conservative Democrats, and as we saw in Ohio (closed primary), this group voted for Hillary.
    I'm a little puzzled by all this, since when Obama was winning in open primaries with crossover republican and independent votes, it was a good thing, now that Hillary is starting to appeal to this group, all of a sudden it's not such a good thing anymore.


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