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    The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle, by David Wroblewski (first novel and on the NYT best sellers list), and I'm attempting to read "Fiasco" (Thomas Ricks) again, about the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq. I've made it about halfway through this time- the incredible incompetence and sheer stupidity of the Bush administration during this period is so maddening, I literally cannot read more than a chapter or two at a time before I have to put it down and let my blood pressure get back to normal.

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    I'm going to Fla to visit the parental units, and we're having 6 people for dinner, two of whom are retired engineers for GM, but have always been republicans for some reason. My parents and the other couple are also republicans, but rarely talk politics.
    It will be an interesting dinner to say the least!
    I'll report back on their thoughts after Christmas!
  • I researched the subsidy program some years ago and although I used to support them, the way the farm bill has been worked to support some farmers and certain crops and not others is ridiculous.
    For anyone interested in what DMD mentions above about not being able to grow fruits and vegetables on corn, wheat or soybean based acres, here is an editorial talking about it:
    http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/01/opinio n/01hedin.html?_r=2&oref=slogin
    I support farmers being able to grow what they want, that's for sure.
    Hopefully Vilsack can cut through the crap on the Farm Bill and put sensible legislation in it's place (that's like trying to make the DoD accountable for the hundreds of billions they waste every year, but I'm always hopeful).
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    LOL, good one!

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    Markos is suffering from severe CK derangement syndrome, for what reason, I don't know. I hope we're not getting it going here as well.
    She missed 4 Democratic primaries for mayor since 1989 and 1 GE (Patrcik Monyihan won with a 13 point  lead, not even a close race in the year that the republicans took over Congress). Hardly a "poor" voting record for someone in their 50s.
  • I think Vilsack is a good choice, he doesn't support subsidies for big ag, his support of ethanol also includes transitioning over to cellulosic ethanol as the technology improves (he wants a 75% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2050) and he supports family farms and organic farming.
    Anyone who has dealt with farm issues is going to have to deal with biotechnology including GMOs, but people are so uneducated about this issue and others (like assuming organic foods are somehow better for you), it's hard to get through the noise.
    For example, I read another article on the internet where a commenter was calling the USDA to task for allowing the US to buy fruits and vegetables from other countries. Well the problem is, since the US is in the northern hemisphere, it isn't possible to raise fruits and vegetables year round in the US, except in places like California and Florida, who can't possibly grow enough for the whole country.
    I start reading and commenting in threads and get so frustrated by the ignorance, and the open hostility to my facts, that I end up just not commenting at all.
  • Actually, I quoted your diary, not your comment.
    I'm aware of the many 3rd world countries that are comprised of non-black citizens, I used countries in Africa because you seemed to be pointing that way in the quote I included above.
    As I said above, these countries aren't run by minorities, but they are and have been exploited by whites for hundreds of years.
    What you don't seem to understand is that many of these countries have suffered from decades of civil wars, harsh dictators and poor governance. It's stupid to blame situations like that on race, because it ignores the situations that caused the wars, caused the poverty, caused the refugees, etc.
    When you have wars, men die, leaving their families desitute and unable to fend for themselves. Livestock are killed and crops and houses are burned, with women and their children unable to get the means to replace them. Women cannot afford to have their children educated and millions of children grow up without learning how to read or write.
    It has nothing to do with race.
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    Absence of public service? She raised $65 million for NYC public schools over two years, she sits on several boards in the city, and is the president of the Kennedy Library Foundation.
    And again, her "absence of doing much of anything to help elected officials prior to Obama" really doesn't mean anything, we have elected Democrats who hoarded money over the GE rather than give it to candidates running in tight elections. Unless you have a list of her campaign donations, there's very little proof of your assertion.
    What exactly qualified Al Franken to run for Senate?
  • You said minorities, did you not? Last time I checked, gays and women were considered minorities.

    Folks,  this country has given minorities plenty of opportunities in the modern era

    You really need to read what you wrote, because if that was supposed to be a positive diary, your lack is in communicating the positive part of it.

    I didn't see that here:

    Rather look introspectively at our culture that permeates laziness and lack of ambition.

    Here's another gem:

    Look at the 3rd world nations in the world and you will see its run by the minority race. Many such nations are rich in oil and diamonds and resources ( natural). In spite of that such countries are mired in poverty and sloth and self eradication.

    By the way, can you tell me of any 3rd world country that is being run by the "minority"?  Because assuming from your statement that you're talking about Africa (poor communication skills there, I must say), blacks are not the "minority" in any country in Africa.

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    Are we going to start holding people's missed votes against them? Shall we go through everyone's prior voting records to make sure they're pure enough to hold office?

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    She's constitutionally educated lawyer, who worked for 2 years as the director of the Office of Strategic Partnerships, which raised money for the New York city public school system. Under her directorship, she was able to raise $65 million for the schools. She's also held board positions for various institutes in NYC. She has co-written two books about civil liberties, which at this point in our history might be important to the new administration.
    Your implication that she is somehow buying the seat from Paterson is simply ridiculous, since every poll I've seen show that the voters of New York support her over other candidates. A special election is simply not affordable right now, the state of New York is in a budget crisis.
    If she doesn't work out, the voters will have a chance to boot her out in 2010.
    If her family's history is any guide, she will be a good junior senator that supports progressive causes.
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    They haven't "come for" anyone yet, what are you going on about?

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    As someone with a family member who is mentally handicapped (please get your terminolgy right- Palin is mentally challenged, my sister is mentally handicapped), I can assure you that using the word retarded is not insensitive, and in no way compares to calling a black person a n####r.
    Had citizendave said Palin was a retard, then you'd have something to complain about.
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    Actually, the word you're thinking of is "retard". To call someone a "retard" is a slur.
    Calling Palin "retarded" is a slur, not because of the word itself, but because of what it implies.
    Retarded is still a medical term, though it has been replaced by the more PC "mentally handicapped":

    adjective 1. characterized by retardation: a retarded child.  
    -noun 2. (used with a plural verb) mentally retarded persons collectively (usually prec. by the): new schools for the retarded.

    So please calm yourself, you're getting worked up over nothing.

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    The list is available to anyone who wants to click on the button "Who's recommended this diary" just below the Recommend button.
    Have you not seen it?


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