60 year old librarian- security risk?

As has been said multiple times about Republicans- you just can't make this stuff up:

Evidently, this threatening five foot tall librarian was too much of a security risk to allow her to attend the McCain town hall meeting in Denver.
Her crime?
A sign that said "McCain=Bush".
As the librarian says at the end of the video, why would a sign that says "McCain=Bush" be offensive to Republicans that voted for Bush?

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Re: 60 year old librarian- security risk?

Just to be clear, the guy in the costume is "two peas in a pod" with pictures of Bush and McCain.
I imagine he was tossed too.


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Re: 60 year old librarian- security risk?

I wonder if they realize they ended up drawing more attention to her by throwing her out instead of just ignoring her. Now she's news and not good news for the McCain campaign. Talk about idiotic & sad. Now she needs to make sure the media is in tow when she makes her court appearance.

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