r i p, jim capozzola, of the rittenhouse review

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jim capozzola, the blogfather of all left blogtopia and writer of the rittenhouse review, has passed away. susie mandrak of suburban guerilla gives us the terrible news:

my friend jim died this evening.

jim, one of the founders of the political blogosphere, started the rittenhouse review a week or two before duncan black started eschaton.

he was my fairy blogfather. he showed me how to install a sitemeter, he gave me tips for building readership, and advised me to "pick a fight with a blogger who's much better known - you can't believe how well it works." (i never took his advice, though.) he even paid to have the ugly banner ad removed from the top of my first site.

more than that, jim was extraordinarily generous. a master networker, he insisted on introducing all of his friends to each other and they, in turn, became friends. "see?" he'd say. "i told you you'd hit it off." in turn, i introduced him to the sweet potato fries and the chocolate bread pudding at silk city.

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inaction alert!! no $$ for dems!!


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steven d, writing over at booman last week, expressed some sentiments that have been roiling in our minds as of late:

half my spam these days comes from democratic politicians requesting my credit card number, or my check, preferably in an amount larger than $100. true, it does get worse during an election year, but since 2008 is the "big one" with the presidency up for grabs, the calls for cash have started earlier and earlier...

no, we are the free money people. our emails receive automated replies, not personal ones. our phone calls get stuck in easily deleted voice mail caches, or if we're lucky, half listened to by some young staffer who probably thinks what we have to say is a big fat waste of his or her time. and the reason is because we can't contribute enough money in our pay to play political system to earn us any real access...

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three reasons to give three cheers for blogtopia!*

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we have noticed, as of late, a disheartening trend in various comments and blog posts around blogtopia*. several writers have seemingly fallen into the dumps because things are not progressing as progressively as progressives would like. they cite the dems' refusal to discuss impeachment, the iraq defunding which looks to be dead in the water, and the general tendency of those in charge to ignore the common citizens they are supposedly hired by to run things.

however, we here at skippy international are feeling pretty good about things, and we wish that the rest of you in blogtopia* would join us. after all, there are several major accomplishments that have come to fruition recently, all of which were done, if not completely, then certainly with major efforts, by the netroots.

to start with, blogs and bloggers really came into their own as true-to-life journalists with the libby trial. thanks to the kids at firedoglake, and to marcy wheeler (also known as "emptywheel "...and maybe some day she'll explain what the hell that screen name means), as well as swopa of medianeedle, jerlayn merritt of talkleft and margie burns for bradblog (plus others we have surely missed, and our apologies if we have), the idea of blogs as actual journalism came into existence.

where before blogs were seen mainly as an outlet for cranky powerless people to whine, suddenly it was proven that they could be used as an outlet for cranky powerless people to disseminate information on a national level at a level far deeper and wider in scope than any electronic media, and most dead trees media.

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why the gores' electric bill is lose-lose for the right

much ado is being made about al gore's utility bills as of late. but the nytimes finds out that, as usual, the numbers don't really add up:

the group, the tennessee center for policy research, issued its statement a day after the film "an inconvenient truth," which tracked mr. gore's campaign to educate the world about the ravages of global warming, won an academy award for best documentary feature. by its count, mr. gore's mansion "consumes more electricity every month than the average american household uses in an entire year," the statement said.

but here is where the story gets a little blurry.

-- more, including the rest of the nytimes excerpt, after the jump:

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california housing defaults double last year

things are not all that rosy w/the housing market in california. the east bay business times reports that mortgage defaults are at an 8 year high:

the number of mortgage default notices filed against california homeowners jumped last quarter to the highest level in more than eight years, a real estate information service reported.

lending institutions sent homeowners 37,273 default notices during the october-to-december period. that was up by 36.9 percent from 27,218 the previous quarter, and up 145.3 percent from 15,196 for the fourth quarter 2005, according to dataquick information systems.

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michael berube: the latest victim of ted barlow disease

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the latest victim of tbd:  the erudite michael berube.

also, it looks as if kevin hayden of american street is coming down with a bad case of tbd.  and digby informs us that billmon and jeanne d'arc have called it quits (we already knew about kevin of catch.com).

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voting accountability townhall in venice cal

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skippy the bush kangaroo attended the townhall meeting for voting accountability tonight in venice, calif, hosted by the lovely bradblog, and featuring a plethora of speakers who had a strange combination of both a lot of bad news and inspiration for the 100 or so citizens who showed up.

our report after the jump:

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blogs who run ads undermining net neutrality - they suck!!

a few weeks ago, being enamoured of free money from blogads, we at skippy international accidentally accepted an ad for "hands off the internet," or, in other words, "let the telco's determine who gets to see what if they pay enough, ie, no net neutrality."

we had already accepted the money and let the ad onto our site before realizing the meaning of our actions. if we had wanted to (or were smart enough to watch the full ad play out before accepting it), we could have rejected the ad.

several commentors on dkos and booman (who also ran the ad) pointed out the apparent disconnect between bloggers blogging for net neutrality but accepting $$$ from the opposing side.

we did the best we could, which was to put the ad as low as possible on the ad bar.

cut to just a few minutes ago. we were accepting a new slate of ads, when we noticed one about "the future of the internet." this time we watched the whole ad. yep. it was against net neutrality. so we rejected it.

we bring it up, because some other bloggers who will remain nameless have gone ahead and accepted the ad, with explanations to their readers that go something along the lines of, well, you readers are smart enough to know b.s. when you see it, and their money is as good as anyone's.

our feelings about this after the jump:

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get on the recommended list? why?

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in response to a diary that asks how to get on the recommended list:

you guys don't get it.

it's not about making the rec list.

it's not even about getting tu mojo.

it's about feeling better about your politics, your positions, your issues.

it's about getting better at being able to communicate.

it's about being a part of a community in an environment that is actively trying to keep us separate.

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jane, you ignorant slut

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jane harmon, who is facing a challenge from newcomer marcy winograd in her home district of venice california, is also facing a challenge from the democratic leadership (yes, we know it's an oxymoron) to rotate ms. harmon off of her seat on the house intelligence (another oxymoron) committee. the latimes:

the dispute pits the venice lawmaker against house democratic leader nancy pelosi of san francisco. its outcome could determine what role harman, who once ran for california governor and is one of the most quoted democrats on intelligence matters, will play in the next congress -- if she is reelected.

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