Preparing for a historic Congress - with MyDD (where else?!)

Quite how historic, I'm not sure.

But that's half the fun: every day is a potential epoch-making moment.

Never (well, since 1994) did the Congressional Dems have such a good chance to loosen up and get their ideas in legislative form. (Even if that legislation gets vetoed.)

And the chances of them making complete twats of themselves are similarly huge. (Hey! - no one's Superman round here.)

And - this by way of a thoroughly deserved and unsolicited plug - there will be no better place to gain an insight into the 110th as it develops than right here in the ample bosom of MyDD.

Or - speaking purely personally - there's no place where I'd rather view the gaudy scene, and get clued up - and, in my small way, clue up others.

Of course, if there's any justice, our esteemed FP-ers will soon be tapped for lucrative jobs with corner offices - and MyDD will be blowing tumbleweed.

But - since we know there isn't any justice, I'll be sticking around...

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My suggestions

1) Have a daily press briefing on the situation in Iraq. Title it: "American views of Bush's War in Iraq"

2) End the ethics committee truce.  At this point, FAR MORE republicans are at risk.  Let's get 'em!

3) Have a Bi-Partisan Consensus weekend with back-benchers.  Keep the Republican Leadership in the House.

4) Re-institute Gingrich's use of the off-hours House to do speaches on current topics.  We need a platform.

5) Bring in liberal bloggers and Air America.  Get those guys exclusive access to the House Leadership.

6) Pry away a couple House members.  Get a couple traitors going to our side.  Makes us look like the Party of the Hour.

7) Ensure that Bush cannot under any circumstances to recess appointments.  This means that, for the next two years, there will be no recesses.  This is possible if the Senate is convened periodically, so that no 10-day stretch of recess exists.

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