NARAL flub on Alito filibuster?

There's been a whole bunch of criticism that the Democratic leadership, in the Senate and the party as a whole, failed to provide the leadership and organize the campaign of voter persuasion necessary to sustain an effective vote against Alito.

Pretty much all of it justified, that I can see. (Whether this was fear, incompetence, running to lose or what, I don't know.)

But what about the outside groups?

For instance, I go to NARAL Pro-Choice America - is dead with no redirect! - with a link on the homepage Don't let President Bush get this anti-choice nominee on the Supreme Court.

Click through and you get a page titled Alert Expired!

Uh oh. Satisfy you curiosity as to what the alert said before it expired - and you get a sample letter to senators which asks for Alito's nomination to be opposed but doesn't ask for support for a filibuster!

Uncertain trumpet or cunning plan?

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Re: NARAL flub on Alito filibuster?

Here's some anecdotal information about how badly the liberal money machine has dropped the ball. Sorry about the longish rant.

I've doubted all along that the filibuster could be won.  That doubt has not stopped me from doing my part to support it.

Late last night, I saw the NARAL "action alert expired" web page. Sent them an email expressing my disappointment but have not received a response after 12 hours.

So this morning I thought...OK...forget the national org...keep your money local.  I went to my state (WA) NARAL website.  Their Supreme Court action page sent me to their contribution form.

Now I'm I call the local Seattle office.  Nice young man answers. He's the only one there because everyone is at the State Capitol for ProChoice Day at the legislature.  I can understand that.  The date was no doubt determined long before any one knew when the Alito vote would be scheduled.

The nice young man looks at their web pages and agrees it seems unusual that this is the best the Abortion ACTION League can do.  I make the point that Maria Cantwell has not yet announced her vote. Left my phone number for someone to call me back after they return from their lobby day.

There will be no more money from my family until someone from NARAL can explain why they walked away from an issue that will impact us for a generation.

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