Mexico: Presidential Election Alert

Election day is on July 2 and the Times has a profile today of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (or AMLO for short, apparently), lefty heart-throb and PRD candidate, whose lead over Felipe Calderón (of PAN, Vicente Fox's party) has apparently turned into a statistical dead heat.

I'm afraid I've paid no attention to the race up till now - I'd kind of got the impression that it would be a walkover for López Obrador - but it looks as if it may have some juice for the cognoscenti coming into the stretch.

I don't think that, for all his popular support, the guy is within a country mile of Bolivia's Evo Morales for radicalism (nor do I expect him to compete for the post of Chávez's #1 buttmonkey).

But even the pantywaists at State can't be thrilled at the prospect of losing a reasonably loyal ally without an acceptable replacement - a MX prez is barred from serving a second term, even a nonconsecutive one.

Fox didn't support the US second resolution on Iraq, of course. But, then, he didn't return PEMEX to its rightful owners, either.

Even a gringo-friendly resident of the Casa Rosada has to playact a little Zapata for the masses.

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Re: Mexico: Presidential Election Alert

Thanks for posting this, I'm extremely interested in this race and have been watching it pretty closely.  I really wonder how accurate the polling is here, my gut (or my optimism, one or the other) tells me that Obrador has more support than are showing up in the polls because his support comes from rural and poor voters who are likely to be missed in this sample.  In 2000 Fox trailed significantly in the polls right up to the election by 6% or so and won by about 4% with over 40% of the vote.  

by cwech 2006-06-04 09:47PM | 0 recs
Re: Also, Interesting Timing

Wonder if Garcia will try to nationalize the banks and the insurance companies this time around.

There's a reason Garcia is still popular in Peru - he's charismatic, a great speaker, respected writer. And he's at least somewhat of a lefty, just not the same brand of lefty.

I'd be careful calling Garcia's victory in Peru a victory for neo-liberalism in Latin America. That remains very much to be seen.

by redstar67 2006-06-05 07:16AM | 0 recs


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