Medicare amnesia afflicts Dems

One reads in the Post (albeit on A13 on the dead-tree) a straightish half dozen or so grafs saying that Democrats are stepping up their attacks on the Medicare drug benefit.

It was a ghastly piece of corporate welfare, to be paid for by a carefully selected group of the most vulnerable Americans. And everyone who was paying the least attention knew this at the time. A thoroughly corrupt piece of business, even if completely legal.

Leading the charge for the Dems in the Senate is, one reads, Dorgan of ND, who organised (unipartisan) hearings yesterday to which he

invited a Fargo pharmacist to describe day-to-day problems, including how some pharmacists must take out bank loans to cover reimbursement delays. "This is simply unacceptable," Dorgan said.


Readers of the Post piece might be surprised to learn that Dorgan himself was one of the Dem senators without whose support this monstrosity of a bill would have died.

As I've mentioned here, but cannot state often enough, a total of 22 Dem senators decided that thirty pieces of pharma/insurance silver (well, a little more than that at current prices!) were sufficient salve to their consciences (if any) to justify a vote for cloture on that wretched bill.

Do they understand the meaning of the word hypocrite in North Dakota? (We know they don't in DC!)

Couldn't they, perhaps, have asked one of the 26 Dem senators who stood in the way of the enactment of this abortion to chair the hearings into its perfectly foreseeable dismal outcome?

Might not someone on the GOP team have spotted Dorgan's delicate situation? Surely, beneficiaries would be comforted to know just how thoroughly bipartisan the whole thing was?

Bipartisan. Just like World War 2. Hands across the aisle. Congress pulling together. Today's Greatest Generation...

And an old, old friend is on hand to supply the kicker:

"Nobody said this was going to be easy," said Rep. Rahm Emanuel...

Just for the record, arguably it wasn't only nearly half the Dem Senate party who chose gelt over good government to let the Medicare bill survive: on the numbers, House Dems could have killed the bill, but didn't.

(DeLay was certainly using catch-and-release. What about the Dems? You might assume DeLay had more trained seals in his pool; but the list of Dem nays contains more than one name which has appeared on the wrong side of votes on, say, the 'death tax' bill.)

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