Frist has a plan for Medicare...

Not that I think he'll be the 08 GOP candidate. But his idea sounds too tempting for his winning rival to go all Not Invented Here.

According to Brownstein,

Frist wants to allow private insurers to compete more directly with the government in providing healthcare to seniors.

Brownstein offers fibrillating readers the assurance that

Washington isn't likely to provide private insurance companies a larger role in Medicare until they prove they can smooth out their administration of the new prescription drug benefit.


It's a thing with insurance companies that they don't like covering risk where there's too much of a chance that they'll have to pay out.

Frist has that one covered:

Frist wants to provide tax credits to help the uninsured buy coverage (an idea Bush has played down to focus on the health savings accounts). And to make insurance more affordable, Frist wants Washington, through a government-backed corporation, to assume most of the cost for the most expensive patients -- an idea Bush denounced when Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) offered a variation on it in his 2004 presidential campaign.

It's a perfect GOP corporate welfare scheme: you outsource a government job to private business, and, where they say they can't make money, you use tax dollars to subsidise them.

Oh - and you make sure you work the trick with an activity which produces a wall of money.

Like Medicare.

What does the AARP think? Have they learnt their mistake from Part D?

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Re: Frist has a plan for Medicare...

I am an RN with many years of experience, most of them in critical care.  Dr. Frist and his family have made millions on "for profit" health care.  One should examine any program he proposes very carefully.

by bloomer 1 2006-03-13 08:26PM | 0 recs


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