'First they came for Roe; then they came for Griswold'

The Times Magazine cover story today is a doozie.

Now that abortion provision in most places in the US has been squeezed or eliminated by the death by a thousand cuts technique of the pro-life fanatics, they're moving seamlessly on to expand their activities against contraception.

RU-486 is a transitional guy for them. And Bush himself has declined to support the right to contraception.

We even have Plan B getting Hillary on the right side (that's to say, the left side) of the argument for once!

Surely this a matter where all Dem MCs can put the pedal to the metal?

(Clinton and Reid have cosponsored S 20 which the article mentions (not by bill number, damn its eyes!) but which has been lingering for a year without action (surprise, surprise!).)

This and stem cell research look like slam-dunks for the Dems.

We'll see...

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