Energy bill: passes, thanks to GOP

It's tough to stop a corporate welfare bill - unless you've got a hot-button poison pill to deploy. (The Schumer Amendment with the bankruptcy bill, for instance.)

And Harry brought home HR 6 on time (according to his latest schedule, at least!).

Of course, that was minus the RPS standards for power generation from S 1321, via the Bingaman Amendment SA 1537). And the Baucus tax package got killed, too.

But - we cannot ask for miracles.

However, Detroit scored a partial victory by watering down the CAFE standards provision that was passed - sneakily by a voice vote, so who voted isn't on the record. (Levin and Stabenow opposed cloture, though.)

Overall, I think Harry picks up points for his handling of the energy bill so far.

But - he only managed it with a little help from his friends:

No fewer than 19 GOP voted for cloture. And 6 Dems voted against.

More analysis when the font of roll call stats gets back on the clock.

Update [2007-6-26 17:46:38 by skeptic06]:

My reaction to a diary with (to my tastes) a rather unconvincing reason for the passage of cloture on HR 6.

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