Dems win Congress - then what?

Let's suppose that the Dems take control of both houses this November.

Clearly, there will be no chance of passing much in the way of controversial legislation - a veto-proof majority is far away in the realms of fantasy!

And Bush will no doubt be happy to out-Truman Truman in the veto department.

So what about those investigations that the lefty sphere has been looking forward to?

Clearly, there's no way Bush is going to give the slightest bit of cooperation.

First, there'll be the coordinated campaign of delay. There'll be guys in the White House right now figuring out all the angles of low-level prevarication to run down the clock.

Eventually, the Dems will get tired of this and seek legal means to get the information they need.

At which time the White House will provoke a rolling constitutional crisis.

They have, for one, a SCOTUS which yielded Bush v Gore with the old team. And now they've installed Roberts and Alito, they've brought the bench a little further in their direction.

Of course, SCOTUS's first reaction is unlikely to be a Dred Scott (or Brown) II. Like the White House, their first resort will be to play for time. Bouncing cases back down to the DC Circuit Court. Finding as narrowly as they possibly can. Splitting hairs. The full Jarndyce v Jarndyce.

But the Dems will need them to rule decisively against the Bush regime.

And risk a SCOTUS/executive branch crisis. And why would they want to do that? Why would they want to goose the Dems? Because they think the Dems are going to have another 30 years like 1933-1969?

Meanwhile, back on the Hill, how are Pelosi and Reid holding up? Judge on their track record - the ethics truce, the Alito confirmation, the climbdown over the NSA investigation. Cojones 'R' Us? I don't think so.

Moreover, we have several leading 08 Dem contenders in the Senate (Clinton, Bayh, (by lefties) Feingold) who will be tested.

Not to mention McCain, who is not exactly persona grata with the Bushes. They'd relish some fun with him, too, I shouldn't wonder.

From the point of view of those Dem hopefuls, on the other hand, being seen to be trashing the office to which they aspire may not be something they're terribly keen on.

On the media front, the Rush/Fox onslaught will be continuous, enthusiastic, and ratings-driven. A virtuous circle where fanaticism feeds the bottom line which finances more Dem-baiting which leads to more fanaticism.

Happy Days Are Here Again for the VRWC.

And can you imagine how the Times and the Post will play it? So can I.

Meanwhile, Bush is still controlling the agenda. Who knows what Wag the Dog-style stunts he will pull? And you can bet he'll be enjoying every minute.

As the ratchet tightens, how are Dem supporters holding up? Won't there be just a wee bit of tension between the Kossacks screaming for a fight to the finish and the fainthearts (not all DLC by any means) calling for a truce?

And Pelosi and Reid? From almost total anonymity - how many in the Podunk branch of Wal-Mart would recognise them behind a trolley? - they go to Item #1 on the nightly news every night.

Month after month. No respite.

I leave open the possibility that they've both been playing a cunning game: like Prince Hal in Henry IV, pretending to be of weak character to lull their enemies into a state of false security. Only to reveal their true selves when the time is ripe.

I rate that possibility around the same as the Orioles winning the World Series this year.

What about impeachment? That's constitutional. And they could go on the evidence currently available. (They'll know they haven't got 67 votes for conviction. But so did Gingrich.)

[I wonder what happened to him...]

Perhaps they avoid the constitutional crisis. But the media storm will be the same.

Whichever way you slice it, we're looking at a wasted Congress and - more than likely - a return to the GOP trifecta in 08.

Or am I wrong? Please show me where!

And don't shout - the last thing I want is Bush of Arabia vindicated and easing the path for some other GOP to embrace world conquest and unlimited corporate welfare.

I just think we ought to be thinking ahead...

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Glad Someone Is Thinking Ahead

Elections are important. And its good to see the blogosphere talking and analyzing them However, what is just as important is what you've said - what happens afterward?

Where do we go? The leadership hasn't said a word about what they plan to do and where they're going to take the country, leaving us all clueless.

Sure, many will point to the policies THEY believe should be enacted (universal healthcare and pre-K, a plan to get out of Iraq, whatever you want), however this doesn't mean the leadership will work to pass them.

We need to spend more time in the blogosphere doing what you're doing: thinking ahead rather than getting stuck in the present.

To answer your question: I see the exact same thing happening if the party infrastructure isn't revived by then. At this point, local parties are almost nonexistent and state parties are in the process of rebuilding. The only real mechanism for the people to be heard is the blogosphere, and its not exactly well-organized, though the passion and ideas are limitless.

by gatordemocrat 2006-03-10 07:04AM | 0 recs


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