Democratic 'K Street Project' in action?

Huffpo has an interesting - perhaps rather too interesting for its own good - piece alleging a relationship between Hillary Clinton and a leading firm of lobbyists, Blank-Rome.

Apparently, the firm is preemptively hiring some Dem operatives just in case November brings a change of control in either house of Congress.

And Hill and - of all people - Barbara Boxer have supposedly got involved with a client of the firm's who is interested in selling the Federal government a fairly expensive piece of military equipment. (And who has been fined nearly $3 million by the SEC for making false claims about a company's profit projections.)

Just like the Killian memos, one's first reaction is: Rove stunt. Or someone's stunt. Probably belongs with the Vince Foster murder files.

Unless someone has some corroboration.

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Re: Democratic 'K Street Project' in action?

This is news to me but we're in a such a state in our politics right now where either case could be possible-- Rove and his shop could have planted this or it could be absolutely stone cold true. Neither would surprise me, and only one would disappoint me. As Matt Taibbi wrote in ROLLING STONE: "The Democrats, whose innocence in the crimes of the last five years to date corresponds exactly to their lack of opportunities for corruption, may now get a chance at the helm." After seeing the DCCC in operation in the primaries, I have given up any hope the Inside-the-Beltway Democratic power elite is better than that. Now I just hope they are smarter-- even just a little smarter.

by DownWithTyranny 2006-03-16 05:35PM | 0 recs


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