Corruption-enabling Dem senators: still lying low

A couple of days ago, I noted the strange business of the Office of Public Integrity.

Lieberman and Collins put forward an amendment to establish such an office, independent of Congress members, to supervise the handling of complaints about Congressional ethics breaches. And the Senate committee voted 11-5 against (all members voting).

And, among the 11 against were at least three Democrats.

Strangely, these stout upholders of Senate tradition have been a little backward in coming forward. None of the reports I've tracked down mention the name of a single Dem committee member speaking or voting against the amendment.

(Though, for instance, Voinovich and Coburn were happy to go on the record against it.)

The list of Dem suspects:


Of these, Akaka and Carper are Class I and running for reelection in November. (Dayton is Class I but retiring; Levin, Lautenberg and Pryor are all Class II.)

Based on the history of Pelosi and the ethics truce, I'd always thought that the post-Abramoff flurry of ethics activity was so much hot air from Dems as well as GOP.

But some constituents of these six senators may be sufficiently unjaded to be curious enough to call or fax them to ask how they voted...

(The Homeland Security Committee site does not seem to have details of committee votes (I can't find them, at any rate). I seem to recall from the Alito confirmation that the Senate Judiciary Committee does do. Funny old world.)

Update [2006-3-5 16:3:12 by skeptic06]:

A couple of guilty Dems did put their heads above the parapet, it seems (emphasis mine):

Voinovich and two other panel members who are also on the ethics committee, Sens. Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii, and Mark Pryor, D-Ark., argued that unlike the House ethics committee, which has done little over the past year because of partisan fights, the Senate committee is doing its job. The new office, Pryor said, would result in "a fundamental change in the nature of the Senate ethics committee."

I hope Hawaiian and Arkansan MyDDers will be expressing their gratitude to these sage statesmen in the usual way!

At least one name to go, though.

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Corruption-enabling Dem senators: still lying low

My guess is Carper - He seems like he'd be very capable of doing something like this.

by KainIIIC 2006-03-05 05:34PM | 0 recs


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