Army being cannibalised for Iraq: where are the Dems?

A rescued Kos diary pulls together recent stories with a consistent pattern: the rocket scientists at the Pentagon are methodically stripping US military installations of their funding to bolster the abortion that is Iraq.

There have, of course, been stories of a similar kind coming out virtually since we were told that the mission was accomplished.

Such that even the bloated emergency appropriations bills that have pretty much sailed through Congress have been light by - how much? Hundreds of millions? Billions? Tens of billions?

Which brings us to the $64,000 question: why haven't the Dems been making a Federal case of it?

Surely, this is the perfect chance for them to

  • stand behind the US forces; whilst being

  • 100% opposed to GOP policy.

So - where are the Dems on the issue?

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