Abortion: full court press in MI Lege

And you can bet your bottom dollar it's not just MI!

Go to the bills page and search on abortion to find some prize specimens, several of them dupes.

The Coercive Abortion Prevention Act HB 5882, for instance, which imposes dire penalties on anyone harrassing a woman into having an abortion. (The bill is printed in bold uppercase - or screaming as it's known online. Very appropriate.)

There's also HB 5879 and 5800 which force the abortion provider to interrogate the woman to make sure she hasn't been coerced.

Or what about HB 4446 which requires the abortion provider to offer the woman the chance of seeing the fetus on ultrasound if it's used in the procedure on her.

(The difference: the others have only got to stage 1: HB 4446 is ready for the approval of Gov Granholm. Who is up this year, and not in the best of shape, when last I looked.)

The roll calls on HB 4446 look as if any Granholm veto could easily be overriden - it's a two-thirds majority of all members of each house required - despite the fact that the GOP margin is not veto-proof on a party-line vote.

What about your lege?

There's no bill I could see providing that a woman who's had an abortion should wear an embroidered scarlet A on her chest.

But they're probably saving that one.

[The tip from Red State of all places. They love them some abortion rights chiseling, natch!]

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